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Scotland Budget Poll: Does the UK Need to Give Nicola Sturgeon and SNP £ 4.6bn Extra Cash? UK | News

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said Scotland’s new budget shows “indisputable financial benefits” that it is part of the UK, and cash injections have been given to Scotland in decades. He added that it was the largest. The Scottish Government receives £ 126 per person, compared to £ 100 per person in the United Kingdom.


On October 27, he announced: “Through Burnett’s formula, today’s decision will increase Scottish Government funding by an average of £ 4.6 billion annually, Wales Government funding by £ 2.5 billion, and Northern Ireland Executive by £ 1.6 billion.

“This, in effect, provides the largest block grant to the delegated government since the 1998 delegation settlement.

“The entire UK will benefit from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, and over time, the total UK-wide funding will increase to match EU revenues, averaging around £ 1.5 billion annually.

“And today shows the clear financial benefits of being part of the UK.

“This is, and will continue to be, a secondary of the simple truth that we are connected by more than trading interests. It is our collective history, culture, and security. is.

“We will and will continue to be one family. One UK.”

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The Scottish budget will provide more than £ 172.7 million directly to the Scottish community, the Scottish project will receive about £ 170 million, farmers will reveal £ 1.9 billion and the fishing industry will have an additional £ 42.2 million. Will be received.

Despite record funding, SNP’s Finance Minister Kate Forbes will reveal a breakdown of her budget for what she calls a “difficult financial background.”

She rejected Snack’s allegations of generous cash allocations from Westminster, and instead the British government “scotland by removing ongoing Covid funds despite the continued impact of the pandemic. Reduced daily spending. “

Should Scotland expect to receive full ongoing Covid recovery funding during 2022? Have your opinion in the comments section.

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After Ms. Forbes argued that record-breaking cash boosters weren’t enough, the Scottish Labor Party called for a review of how money from the budget was being spent.

The party’s financial spokesman, Daniel Johnson, said:

“To start a meaningful recovery from a pandemic and invest in an ambitious future, all penny needs to be used wisely.

“SNP’s broken financial promises have choked Scotland’s potential for too long.

“Reconstruction of Scotland requires an ambitious budget with clear priorities.

“We need to have a clear idea of ​​what we are trying to achieve and whether it is working.

“Transparency and efficiency must be central to our economic recovery.

“The era of short-term thinking must end.”

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Scotland Budget Poll: Does the UK Need to Give Nicola Sturgeon and SNP £ 4.6bn Extra Cash? UK | News

Source Scotland Budget Poll: Does the UK Need to Give Nicola Sturgeon and SNP £ 4.6bn Extra Cash? UK | News

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