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Schools will be required to ensure that their week is at least 32.5 hours UK news

Schools will be required to ensure that their week lasts at least 32.5 hours through September of the following year to exclude children from school.

The rule will be included in Monday’s White Book of Schools, և մի մի և:: և և և և և: և և և:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

While most of England’s school weeks already cover this period, the Department of Education said there were “inconsistencies” that could lead to a student taking less than 20 minutes a day missing out on about two weeks a year.

Labor Party Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson said the proposals meant “almost eight out of 10 schools” said “to continue in normal mode”.

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January schools relax mask rules in classrooms

He said that after two years of “epidemic chaos”, the program would leave parents, teachers and students “thinking about where their children’s future aspirations are”.

“The government has no answers.”

“Hundreds of thousands of elementary school children live in an area where there are no ‘good’ schools. People are experiencing a mental health crisis. However, the government has no answers, “said Ms. Phillipson.

Secretary General of the Association of School Leaders Jeff Barton said: “We are not convinced of the benefits of setting a minimum expectation of 32.5 hours per school week.”

He said that the vast majority of schools had already met this expectation or were “too close” to it, that it was possible to understand the reasons for having shorter weeks in some schools, such as the arrangement of rural school transport.

“Increasing the time of the school week may seem simple, but there are many issues that need to be addressed in individual schools. We will encourage the government not to rush any change.”

“It will hardly bring much benefit, if there are any.”

And Paul Whitman, secretary general of the NAHT School Leaders Union, said: “We hope that within a year of the implementation of these proposals, there may be a review of the evidence supporting this project.”

“Adding just five or 10 minutes a day is unlikely to do much good. The government says it will be guided by evidence. “They have to fulfill that obligation,” he said.

Secretary of Education Nadim Zahavi said. “Every child deserves the support of excellent teachers, who in turn deserve the support of an inclusive school, whether they live in Doncaster or Dartmouth, whether they plan to study at T-levels or A-levels. regardless of their origin.

“As Secretary of Education, my main focus has been on creating opportunities for everyone, with strong schools and great teachers for every child. Every program և policy that I will present in next week’s White Paper on Schools works to achieve this goal. ”

Schools will be required to ensure that their week is at least 32.5 hours UK news

Source Schools will be required to ensure that their week is at least 32.5 hours UK news

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