Saudi Arabian Women’s Rights Activist Sisters Encourage Star Jockey Hollie Doyle to Boycott Saudi Cup

Leading Saudi Arabian sisters Women’s rights Activists urged star British jockeys Hollie Doyle Boycott the Saudi Cup on suspicion of national abuse of both his sister and a prisoner of conscience.

Lujain al-HasruleSucceeded in a campaign for women to have the right to drive Saudi ArabiaWas recently released from prison under the strict conditions of blocking travel outside Saudi Arabia and probation.

Her sister, Lina Alhathl, has now written to Doyle, urging the race to lead the boycott of the Saudi Cup starting this weekend.

Lina pointed out that Doyle, who finished third at last year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards, has a “huge public profile”-arguing that “responsibility” involves her official height. I will.

In a letter to Doyle Independent, She states: “The Saudi administration has a long record of using sporting events to cleanse its reputation. It’s not your fault, but through their irony, they made it your problem.


“Loujain Alhathl is the infamous Alhathl prison, just a few kilometers from the King Abdul Aziz horseback riding ground that hosts the Saudi Cup, and lost three years of life in a Saudi Arabian prison. In the prison, she was physically. Faced with sexual torture and sexual assault, he faced psychological torture of long-term prison cell confinement and separation from family and legal teams.

“Today she’s out of jail, but she’s not free. She’s still on probation, is subject to travel bans, and can’t express herself yet. Her only crime is that you It was a campaign for the right to take for granted: the right to drive and the right to go back and forth as she wanted. And Lujain is not alone. “

Lina warned that women’s rights activists such as Samar Badawi, Maya al-Zahrani and Nashima al-Sada continue to be held in prison for campaigning “for equality.”

She added: “In Saudi Arabia, this persecution is happening every day. It’s happening now and will continue during the Saudi Cup. Authorities and their expensive PR advisors have taken advantage of events like the Saudi Cup to change the country. We want to show that to the world, but apart from these glamorous events, the atrocities continue. “

Campaign officials warned Doyle, who broke the record for flat races. Saudi authorities will monopolize her appearance “for their own purposes.”

Lina said attendance was seen as a sign of “approval”, but if she chose to boycott the event, she would effectively inform the world that she would not tolerate “brutality.”

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“As a woman, please support women who have fought for the rights you take for granted. As a sports star, please use your profile forever,” she added. .. “Please boycott the Saudi Cup while Rujain is denied true freedom and the prisoner of conscience remains in prison.”

Louain, released last week, has been imprisoned since his arrest in May 2018 and spent about two and a half years in pretrial detention. According to human rights groups, Nobel Peace Prize-nominated activists are forced to endure abuses such as electric shock, whiplash and sexual harassment while in prison.

In December, a specialized criminal court in Riyadh, established to deal with terrorist attacks, sentenced Lujain to five years and eight months in prison for terrorist-related charges. However, the court suspended the sentence of two years and ten months, in addition to the time already in prison.

The #FreeLoujain campaign, made up of her relatives and supporters, states that her release terms include a five-year travel ban to leave Saudi Arabia and a three-year trial period that prevents her from continuing her campaign for equal rights. Is included. For women.

Lujain also explicitly pledged that as part of the release of the prison, she could not speak publicly about her case, disclose details of the state of the prison, or publicly celebrate the fact that she was released. Had to be signed, the campaign group added.

Lujain and Lina Alhas Rule

(Lina Alhathl)

They say they are forced to serve the remaining sentence with suspended sentence and may incur additional charges if they violate two conditions.

Her family is prohibited from talking to media members for the next three to five years unless her decision is branded as a terrorist in Saudi Arabia and she appeals the terms of release. Is also included.

Talk to Independent, Lina said: “I’m glad my sister finally got home-but she’s far from free. My sister isn’t in jail anymore, but Lujain is still under the control of the authorities. There is nothing more than a complete exemption-and for the state to acknowledge and atone for her torture-will do. “

Activists had previously been arrested and released several times for opposition to a ban on driving in a very conservative country. She was arrested in Saudi Arabia in May 2018, along with 10 other women’s rights activists. This was a few weeks before the kingdom lifted the ban.

Local media earlier said Lujain was charged with damaging the country’s national security and attempting to change its political structure. She claims to have been tortured in prison, but these claims have been denied by Saudi Arabia.

Lucy Ray of Grant Liberty, a human rights group involved in writing the letter, said Doyle should not allow Saudi authorities to “use her good name to hide their bad practices.”

“If Saudi Arabia wants the world to believe that it is liberalized, the answer is really liberalization,” she added. “It means freedom and human rights for all. Sports stars like Hollie Doyle should have nothing to do with it until the kingdom really makes those changes.”

Ms. Doyle’s representative was contacted for commentIndependent They hadn’t been able to tell her about the problem yet.

Saudi Arabian Women’s Rights Activist Sisters Encourage Star Jockey Hollie Doyle to Boycott Saudi Cup

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