Sam Thompson praises his sister Louise as a “brave woman” after having “serious complications” during childbirth

Sam thompson Admired his sister and new mom Louise Thompson As a “brave woman” after giving birth to her fiancé Ryan Libby and her son Leo Hunter Libby and suffering from “serious complications”.

previous Made in Chelsea Star Louise, 31, gave birth to a little boy in November, but unfortunately she was forced to stay in the hospital for five weeks.

Immediately after welcoming Leo Hunter to the world, both her and her baby were rushed to the intensive care unit and the little child recovered quickly, but Louise still feels the psychological and physical consequences of what she endured. .. For the first time, personal trainer Ryan noticed that he was walking with his baby.

After Louise announced her birth on Instagram, Sam reposted his new nephew’s adorable first snap to his story.

Sam Thompson said his sister Louise Thompson is the “most brave woman” after a traumatic birth of a baby Leo Hunter.

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“The most beautiful baby made by the bravest woman I know,” the 29-year-old declared.

Despite the difficult month, Louise is positive and happy to be able to spend the rest of his recovery at home for Christmas as the star has recently forged a bond with a new family of three. I told the fans.

The reality show star also opened the door to her experience as she started by talking to fans in a long essay that was difficult to explain how she felt and what her family was experiencing. rice field.

She admitted that she struggled and felt in “a strange place mentally and physically”, but now accepted that it was only “a part of her”.

Sam and Louise are incredibly intimate and he shared his excitement to become an uncle in the summer

Louise also told fans that her “dance with death” reminded her of how short a really short life was and how “sacred” it was.

“Leo recovered fairly quickly, but I’ve been recovering in the hospital for a month with various serious complications,” the mother told her followers.

“Honestly, I never imagined that so many bad things would happen, but dancing with death brings a whole new worldview, which makes it clear how short and sacred life is. It reminds me.

“We need to start life. We need to start loving. We need to enjoy the details of life (when stuck in mental and / or physical purgatory, serious illness, depression. Illness, or fear of the unknown), but if you have the ability, then try clinging to a mass of good things … “Louis continued. “And thank you for your health.

Louise Thompson and Ryan Libby welcome their first child together

“The difficult truth is that you don’t know how lucky you are to get it until it’s too late.

“In reality, I’m in a slightly strange place, both mentally and physically, which may be a while, but it’s part of me now and part of my recovery.

“It’s neither easy nor linear, but thankfully I’ve been offered some invaluable psychological help, and the good news is that I’m starting to experience some good and bad times. That’s it. Option) “, and concludes by admitting that he was finally able to see a future where he and his son could live” peacefully on this planet. ”

“I can’t wait to start a new journey with a family of three and deepen our ties with the little baby Leo,” Louise spouted.

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Sam Thompson praises his sister Louise as a "brave woman" after having "serious complications" during childbirth

Source link Sam Thompson praises his sister Louise as a "brave woman" after having "serious complications" during childbirth

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