Sam Dingle panicked and lost his wife Lydia forever

Sam Dingle panics about the loss of his wife Lydia in Emerdale next week.

The farmer, played by James Hutong at ITV Thorpe, finally tied a knot with Cleaner (Karen Brick) last year after meeting in 2017.


Emmerdale’s Sam Dingle is worried about losing his wife Lydia in soap next week.Credit: ITV
Can Sam and Lydia overcome this and fight?


Can Sam and Lydia overcome this and fight?Credit: Rex

This pair has a strong connection, but both have been tested in the last few weeks.

Things were at their worst when Lydia decided to call the police at Rive Flaherty (Isobel Victoria Steel).

She was drunk and outside the Hawksford outdoor pursuit, she bumped into a young man who had been fighting alcoholism for the past year.

Rive was arguing with Ben Tucker (Simon Lennon) at the sports center because she thought his brother Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) was the main reason for leaving the village.

After their discussion, Lydia bumped into a teenager and was shocked by her actions, called a policeman.

Rive will soon face a court hearing about the murder of a former kayak instructor.

But they know very little that it was actually Mina Jutra (Page Sandu) who brutally killed him.

The evil nurse solved the problem with her own hands after learning that Ben had a video of trying to kill Victoria Suguden (Isabel Hojins).

The Dingle family is smoking her betrayal of her family, putting a strain on Sam’s relationship with Lydia.

Sam has made a drastic decision and is afraid that he may have lost his wife in an episode broadcast next week.

Can Sam and Lydia organize things? Or is this the end of their marriage?

“I’m afraid I’ll be arrested for Ben Tucker’s murder,” Emmerdale’s Rive Flaherty said.

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Sam Dingle panicked and lost his wife Lydia forever

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