Sam Billings finds joy in his test debut despite England’s ashes struggle

England After being disappointed with the bat again, he endured another difficult day on Ash Wednesday, but made his debut. Sam billings “I love you every minute” for his unexpected chance.

Billings was preparing to leave Australia After a stint with Sydney Thunder in the Big Bash League when he saw him drafted as an emergency cover due to the injuries of Jos Buttler and Johnny Bainesu.

He officially exchanged the plane for a home for a chance to make his test debut and took on the challenge of exchanging blows with apparently superior enemies.

Sam Billings celebrates his catch to dismiss Usman Khawaja (Darren England via AAP / PA)

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The 30-year-old gave a solid explanation of himself Hobart Wear gloves and perform vigorously, giving exhausted teams a welcome footer in the field. He flickered a bit with a bat on the night of the second day and scored six boundaries with 29 knocks, but couldn’t reverse England’s poor total trend.

They were fired at a thin 188 with less than 48 overs and lacked the strength to play a real fight in the innings. In close quarters, Australia led 152 with 37-3, and Billings recorded the first two catches in test cricket.

“Did you enjoy it? Billings finally said with a wider smile than most of his teammates gathered on the tour, which had been plagued since day one.

“It’s a lot better than sitting on the couch and waiting to board the plane. I loved it every minute. It was a big challenge to the spectacular attacks that ignited in this series. That’s what you want to do as a cricket player, let yourself fight the best. The rhythm and flow were good and I really enjoyed it, so it was a shame to go out when I did.

“When I was under pressure to play and seize opportunities, I felt I had a lot more fun than I had played in England before. So far, I’ve been selected for my next match or team. I think I didn’t really enjoy it. It was a free hit and a great opportunity to speak. “

Billings doesn’t know if there’s a one-time chance with Sally’s wicket keeper Ben Forks The English testers are likely to receive a call when they are reconvened in the West Indies in March.

However, he has already seen some of the problems that have plagued the side recently, and some disappointing dismissals have contributed to their taxing position.

“The most disappointing thing is that I lost the ticket gates every time I regained momentum at different times,” he said.

Rory Burns in England opener lost 0 (Darren England via AAP / PA)

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“It was an eclectic combination of dismissals. There was no loophole, it was a mix bag.

“But aggressiveness and energy come to me naturally. There’s a lot to play for everyone on this team, we’re playing in the ashes test.

“The results of the series aren’t going as planned, but there’s a reason everyone is motivated to stand up and perform.”

Australian skipper Pat Cummins pays homage to the efforts of nightwatch batter Scott Borland.

Scott Borland survived the test spell (Darren England via AAP / PA)

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He successfully negotiated 25 balls in front of the stump, took tension from Steve Smith and stopped the assault on England.

“It was a huge effort from Scotty, a great effort from him,” Cummins said.

“He was well defended and wore a couple in his hand. Hopefully his hard work would allow the batter to make money when it gets a little easier during the day.”

Sam Billings finds joy in his test debut despite England’s ashes struggle

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