Sajid Javid encourages GP to meet patients in person

Minister of Health Sajid Javid Prompted GPS To see them Patience Despite this, face-to-face UnionWarning that mass return to surgery is “infeasible” and “unrealistic”.

Javid told parliamentarians Tuesday that the government “will do more” to ensure face-to-face talks, but did not reveal specific actions the minister would take.

Speak at the House of Commons, conservative MP Dean Russell expressed concern about the surgery of some general practitioners in Watford members, claiming that he had “not yet opened the door” to meet the patient.

Asked if he believed that face-to-face talks should resume soon, Mr Javid replied:

“Everyone can understand why the GP couldn’t provide access in the usual way during the pandemic.

“But we’re far beyond that now. Life is starting to return to normal almost completely. As it’s happening, it should also happen in our GP surgery, and more. The GP should provide face-to-face access. “

Javid declined to answer whether he could “instruct” the GP to return to work, noting that some patients prefer virtual bookings.

He added: “The important thing is that it should be made available for those who want to make face-to-face promises. The department is considering what steps can be taken.”

In response to Javid’s comments, Dr. Richard Vautrey, chair of the British Medical Association (BMA) GP Committee, said the proposal was “infeasible.”

“Life hasn’t returned to normal. The number of Covid-related deaths and hospitalizations continues to grow, and is currently only 0.46 GP per 1,000 patients in the UK, starting at 0.52 in 2015. It’s declining, “he said.

“Proposing to return to the pre-pandemic way of working is impractical because it is not feasible for the GP. They need to see the patient as safely as possible.

“They are also trying to see all the people on the huge waiting list who haven’t received the necessary care in the last 18 months. This existed before the pandemic occurred. It’s a backlog that wasn’t there. “

Javid’s comment comes when the GP faces abuse as the system is overwhelmed by demand. Patients are also facing delays in booking due to lack of GP.

A June study of more than 330 GPs across London found that more than half warned that current demand was unmanageable and 82% were affecting staff health. rice field. Four-fifths of clinics state that patient satisfaction is declining.

The NHS England sent a letter to the GP in May this year urging them to return to providing direct patient visits without the need for prior phone calls or online triage. The GP was told that remote appointments “must be done directly with a clear offer of appointments”.

This represents a reversal of policy that has been in place since the GP began the pandemic, adopting a “complete triage” approach and being told to meet patients in person only after a remote visit.

Sajid Javid encourages GP to meet patients in person

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