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Safety measures for visitors in your factory

Factories have more health and safety hazards than most workplaces. Between heavy moving objections and slip hazards, everyone in a factory needs to understand the necessary safety precautions. Employees should be thoroughly trained in operating machinery, wearing PPE and tidying their area.

However, visitors also come to factories and often don’t have the same level of health and safety training as the full-time employees. The factory manager must carry out a risk assessment to determine whether it is safe for visitors to be present. The manager has a duty of care to anyone who enters the factory, and they will be held liable for any injuries on site.

Here are a few safety measures that should be in place when visitors are on site.

Undertake a risk assessment

You need to identify the hazards on site that could harm any visitors. Make sure the factory rules are clearly displayed for visitors, including ‘do not enter’ signs. You should also enforce physical barriers and high visibility signs in certain areas of the factory. Permanent fencing can be put in place for areas that consistently pose a risk to employees and visitors of the factory.

When visitors first arrive, make sure to brief them on factory procedures, instructions, and any other information. They should be made aware of any significant hazards and the relevant emergency procedures in the case of a fire or accident. Ensure your risk assessments are up to date and all emergency routes are highlighted in the factory.


All visitors and staff members should wear high visibility clothing and protective workwear. The exact PPE will depend on the materials the factory deals with. For example, protective eyewear is needed when operating machinery and dealing with chemicals. Make sure there is enough PPE to go round, and the items are comfortable to wear.

Be aware of visitors.

All visitors must sign in and out on a guest book. Give all visitors a badge that clearly states their name and whether they are visitors or employees. During an emergency, badges make it much easier to identify everyone and guide visitors through any incidents.

Authorisation access is an essential part of factory management. Only certain individuals can access high-risk areas of the site at specific times of the day. Authorisation access rules should be written in a legal document and made available to staff and visitors.

Appointment visits only

You should try to limit the number of visitors at any given time. It’s much easier to keep track of a few individuals on-site than with a large group. Run an appointment only service to control the number of visitors on-site and ensure everyone is accounted for.

Health and safety is an integral part of factory work and should be approached seriously.

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