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Sadiq Khan demands “explanation” from Met Police after photos of Boris Johnson appear during a block drink | Political news

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wrote a letter to the Met Police asking for a “detailed explanation” of his partygate investigation, after he insisted that the photos showed the prime minister “caught carelessly” during an event in which he was not fined.

Mr Khan asked Sir Stephen House, the acting Metropolitan Police Commissioner, how decisions had been made on whether fines should be imposed for blocking in certain cases.

Earlier mayor said Sky News The newly released photos, which show Boris Johnson having a drink at a resort in November 2020, were “smoking guns.”

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A spokesman for the Met said it had nothing to add to last week’s announcement that the blockchain investigation into Downhill և Whitehall had ended with 126 cases in which 83 people had been sent to notification of fixed fines.

Number 10 said he would not comment.

A spokesman for the mayor, who oversees the work of the police in the capital, said Mr Khan had written that he had asked for an explanation “of the factors taken into account by the investigating officers when decisions were taken in certain cases”. .

“He asked them to take steps to reassure Londoners by giving them this explanation directly, as he is concerned that Londoners’ trust and confidence in the police is being eroded by a lack of clarity,” he said.

The letter comes after the Liberal Democrats wrote to the Police Oversight Office (IOPC) asking for an investigation into the Met Police, to confirm and publish the process by which the spies came to their conclusions.

Lib Dem vice-president Daisy Cooper says the lack of transparency is likely to “create considerable public confusion”, making it difficult to understand why some junior staff members were fined for events involving the prime minister when he did not.

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Ministers avoid party issues

It: The Prime Minister himself received a notice of the fine He was due to hold a separate rally on his birthday in June 2020, but a Met Police investigation last week revealed he had not been fined for any other incident.

Transport Secretary Grant Shaps told Sky News that Mr Johnson was “obviously not involved in the November 2020 photos taken by ITV News”.

But Mr. Khan told Sky News: “It was obviously a party. he was raising his glass, there were empty wine bottles … I think the police should explain how they came to their conclusions, it is the right thing for them. .

“Those who broke the rules have been fined. We have a photo here that looks like the prime minister was caught breaking the rules. Some will call it a smoking gun.”

The pictures came before the full report of senior civil servant Sue Gray this week. partygate case.

Contradictions have circulated Meeting of Mrs. Gray և Prime Minister The details of which were first revealed by Sky News, which No. 10 has now admitted to being instigated by its officials after the report was initially denied by the ministers.

The source told Sky News that during the meeting, Mr. Johnson hinted that Mrs. Gray should consider withdrawing from the report.

No. 10 said that the Prime Minister did not ask him to withdraw the report or not to continue the report.

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“The Prime Minister was having a party. No, he was not

Mr Johnson is also being questioned by parliament over whether he misled the parliament by announcing in advance the details of the November 2020 incident, telling lawmakers that “the guideline has been reversed and the rules have been followed at all times.”

Sir Roger Gale, a longtime critic of Thorry’s advocate, Mr. Johnson, told Sky News: “It is clear what was said in the parliament near the delivery box. Was there a party on Downing Street? Is there a party on Downing Street on November 13?

“The Prime Minister’s answer is no, the photo says yes.”

Sadiq Khan demands “explanation” from Met Police after photos of Boris Johnson appear during a block drink | Political news

Source Sadiq Khan demands “explanation” from Met Police after photos of Boris Johnson appear during a block drink | Political news

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