Ryan Libby accepts daddy’s duty on a walk as Louise Thompson recovers at home

Ryan Libby Accept daddy’s obligations Former after him and his fiancée Made in Chelsea Star Louise Thompson, Recently welcomed their first child together.

Louise, 31, announced Thursday, December 23 She gave birth to a boy 5 weeks ago, She and Ryan named Leo Hunter.

Louise was late for the announcement because she had tolerated a difficult childbirth and had been in the hospital since Leo was born after being placed in the intensive care unit.

Leo also spent time on neonatal intensive care, but fortunately he achieved a “quite quick recovery” and was discharged from the hospital.

Both babies Leo and Louise arrived in the intensive care unit after his birth

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Louise was discharged only five weeks after giving birth, and she informed 1.3 million Instagram followers that she was currently absent from home.

With this in mind, Ryan was discovered himself with baby Leo while Louise was recovering.

In a snapshot taken on the day of Louise’s announcement, Ryan was seen pushing his son into a pram. Chelsea In preparation for the cold British weather, I warmly wrapped a long black puffer coat and jeans with a cap and van.

Ryan Libby and Louise Thompson welcome Leo to the world five weeks ago

Louise, who announced Leo’s arrival, wrote on Instagram: I have a lot to say, but at the same time, I’m having a hard time finding words to explain what happened to me and my family, so I’ve kept it very simple for now.

“The reason I was absent for weeks is because I’m very sick.

“Five weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful boy Leo-Hunter Libbey weighing 7 pounds. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the easiest start for either of us. One ended up in the NICU and the other. One arrived at the ICU. “

She continued. “Leo recovered fairly quickly. I have been recovering in the hospital for a month with various serious complications.

“Honestly, I never imagined that so many bad things would happen, but dancing with death brings a whole new worldview, which makes it clear how short and sacred life is. It reminds me.

“We need to start life. We need to start loving. We need to enjoy the details of life (when stuck in mental and / or physical purgatory, serious illness, depression. If you have the ability (disease, or fear of the unknown), then try sticking to a good nugget … and thank you for your health.

“The difficult truth is that you don’t know how lucky you are to get it until it’s too late.”

The new mom goes on to say that she is now “in a slightly strange place mentally and physically” and understands that her recovery is “not very easy or linear”, but she stays home. I am happy to be back and start living as a family of three with Ryan and Leo for Christmas.

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Ryan Libby accepts daddy's duty on a walk as Louise Thompson recovers at home

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