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Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine on the Map — Latest Information

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Other Important Maps and Charts of War

At the end of August, Ukraine launched its first large-scale counterattack since Russia launched a full-scale offensive in February. This was done despite Kyiv’s repeated complaints that it lacked Western weapons powerful enough to carry out a decisive attack.

One of the stated objectives of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was to take back khersonthe capital of the region with its strategic position on the Dnipro River, which it captured in March after Moscow’s forces swept north from the Russian-held Crimea.

The focus of the conflict shifted to the Donbass region following Russia’s failure to capture Kyiv in the first phase of the war. Before Ukraine’s rapid counterattack, Russia’s meager gains in the east suggested the war was entering a stalemate.

An animated map showing regions of Ukraine under Russian control during the six-month war.Russia's focus shifts east, aggression reaches stalemate in recent weeks

The Russians were thwarted in Kiev by a combination of factors including geography, attackers’ blunders, modern weapons, and Ukrainian ingenuity. smartphone and foam mat.

Map showing Ukrainian counterattack areas around Kyiv

The number of Ukrainians fleeing the conflict is one of the greatest refugee crises in modern history.

Map showing Ukrainian refugees seeking safety in multiple countries - estimated number of refugees recorded, source UNHCR

Mid-March, Attack on Ukrainian military baseOn March 24, NATO established four new multinational combat groups in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, and troops in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. agreed to add

Map of Europe showing NATO member states with locations of various military bases (multinational forces, air forces, naval forces, and other armed forces)

sauce: War Research InstituteRochan Consulting, FT Research

Cartography and development by Steve Bernard, Chris Campbell, Kaitlyn Gilbert, Emma Lewis, Joanna S. Cao, Sam Lerner, Andorra Lininsland, Nico Kommenda, Alan Smith, Martin Stave, Negeen Sadid When Liz FanceBased on a report by Roman Oleacic When John Reed in Kyiv, Guy Chazan in Lviv, Henry Foy Brussels and Negeen Sadid in London.

https://www.ft.com/content/4351d5b0-0888-4b47-9368-6bc4dfbccbf5 Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine on the Map — Latest Information

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