Russia says it has killed 80 Polish fighters as a warning to NATO members

Polish fighters are thought to have been killed in the fighting for the separatist Donetsk region (Photos: EPA / Getty)

Nearly 100 Polish fighters have been killed in the fighting Ukrainethe separatist states, Russia require.

While the war in Ukraine continues in the eastern region of the country, tensions between the Kremlin and Europe are getting worse.

Most recently, the Moscow Ministry of Defense said its troops had destroyed ‘up to 80 Polish fighters, 20 armored fighter jets and eight Grad multiple rocket launchers in precision attacks on the Megatex zinc factory in Konstantinovka’.

This is in the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine, where Vladimir Putin is trying to seize full control.

In the Russian city of Smolensk, Kremlin officials removed the Polish flag from the Katyn monument – erected in memory of 25,000 Poles who were killed in 1940 by Soviet police.

Most of the victims were army officers suspected of being anti-communist, who were killed at the behest of Joseph Stalin in a forest near the city.

Russia is currently continuing its progress in eastern Ukraine (Photo: Getty)
The Polish flag was removed from the Katyn monument where 25,000 Poles were killed (Photo: PA)

The Soviet Union tried to deny responsibility and blame the Nazis for the massacres, but they finally increased the horror in 1990.

Speaking about the removal of the flag, Mayor Andrei Borisov of Smolensk said: ‘There can be no Polish flags on Russian monuments. Even less so after the honest anti-Russian remarks of Polish political leaders.

‘The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation has made the right decision by removing the Polish flag. Katyn is a Russian monument. ‘

Poland has supported Ukraine since Putin sent his troops across the border in February.

It has supplied weapons and has taken in the largest number of Ukrainian refugees from any European country – some 1.1 million.

As a NATO member, a military strike on Poland would mean that all other members, including Britain, would jump to their defense.

The Kremlin has also recently threatened Lithuania for blocking EU-sanctioned goods from reaching the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad has land borders with Lithuania and Poland and is isolated from the rest of Russia.

Goods normally reach the territory by rail via Belarus and Lithuania – there are no transport routes through Poland.

Russia is still able to deliver Kaliningrad by sea, without falling sharply from EU sanctions, but has demanded Lithuania lift its ban, warning that if transport links are not fully restored ‘Russia reserves the right to take action in defense of its national interests’.

Lithuania is also a NATO member state, so any attack on it would be seen as an attack on the alliance.

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Russia says it has killed 80 Polish fighters as a warning to NATO members

Source link Russia says it has killed 80 Polish fighters as a warning to NATO members

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