RuPaul’s drag racing star Baga Chipz’s “The Role of the Bag” on Channel 4’s Ackley Bridge

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Favorite BagaChipz played an acting role in the popular Channel 4 school drama Ackley Bridge.

Baga (real name Leo Lauren) appeared on the screen in 2019 when he finished third in the British version of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The 31-year-old Baga Chipz has been successful since appearing on the BBC Three reality show. Celebrity Master Chef, Celebrity Karaoke Club and Celebrity Circle.

But now she’s aiming to diverge into her acting career and is said to be in the cast for Channel 4’s Ackley Bridge’s 5th series.

Baga Chipz is said to have appeared on the Channel 4 show Ackley Bridge.

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Sources said Sun: “Baga has appeared on various reality shows since RuPaul and has attracted the attention of Akley’s producers.

“But she likes cheap terry a little, but also wants to prove that there’s more than a big, flashy baga.

“The Ackley Bridge boss was impressed with what he saw from Baga on the set.

“And since it was first put on the set last week, she will now be back more in January when she shoots again.

Baga Chipz first appeared on the screen in the UK version of RuPaul’s drag racing.

“Her personality is strictly protected so far, but you’ll hear more soon.”

understood! I contacted Channel 4 for comment.

A popular show appeared on our screen in 2017. Set in a factory town in Yorkshire, it focuses on a new academy school that blends the lives of the largely divided whites and Asian communities that live there.

The fourth series was supposed to arrive in September 2020, but filming was interrupted by Covid. In other words, it wasn’t broadcast until April of this year.

Veteran drug performer Baga has helped with the help of British allergan LGBTQ + ambassadors and facial balance and harmony experts. Dr. Vincent Wong returned to change her appearance in 2019..

The 5th series of Ackley Bridge will soon hit the TV screen

Under Dr. Wong, Baga underwent a series of steps including a filler using Allagan’s Jubederm to balance the contours of the face, including the Valley of Tears (under the eyes), cheeks, chin, and lip enhancement. rice field.

Stars also used Juverderm filler to reduce scars on the forehead and Jett Plasma to remove skin lesions under the right eye.

Her face was also infused with vitamins and minerals from NCTF by FillMed.

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Dr. Wong said exclusively understood!: “Baga came to me hoping to get healthier glowing skin, look more” balanced “, refreshed, thinner and lifted.

“He also wanted to fix his lips-they were asymmetric and quite rugged.”

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RuPaul's drag racing star Baga Chipz's "The Role of the Bag" on Channel 4's Ackley Bridge

Source link RuPaul's drag racing star Baga Chipz's "The Role of the Bag" on Channel 4's Ackley Bridge

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