Royal Christmas Carol Concert Shown on ITV in Documentary Column with BBC | UK News

It is reported that the Royal Christmas Carol Concert, which will feature the Duchess of Cambridge, will be screened at ITV.

According to ITV royal editor Chris Ship, the show will be recorded at Westminster Abbey early next month, and TV channel sources said they only learned of the offer last week.

The deal is still under negotiation, so ITV has not yet officially announced William and Kate’s Carroll concert on a festive schedule, Ship wrote.

It is in the midst of a battle between the royal family and the BBC over a documentary that explores the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry’s media.

The relationship between the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex is due to a documentary feature.

The program, entitled “The Princes And The Press,” is a rare joint statement issued by Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Kensington Palace that describes it as giving confidence to “exaggerated and unfounded claims.”

The first episode of the show presented by Amor Rajan aired earlier this week, including suggestions that courtiers leaked negative stories about the Duchess of Sussex and were competitive among households. rice field.

It is hoped that the rift between William and Harry will be further explored in the second episode, which will air next week.

Details of the Duchess of Cambridge

Royal aides are reportedly concerned about the inclusion of allegations that the brothers briefed each other in the media through their advisers.

Kensington Palace has not denied that the Christmas carol concert will be aired on ITV, and a spokesperson said more information will be revealed in the future.

The program is reportedly hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge, and speculation is circulating that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis may appear on the show.

The Sun newspaper previously reported that the concert would be hosted by the BBC, but quoted sources in a controversial documentary claiming that the plan had been switched to ITV.

BBC Chairman Richard Sharpe said broadcast programs “may not be fully agreed” with facilities, including the royal family.

Sharp was asked at the VLV Autumn Meeting about reports that Kensington Palace chose to switch service screening.

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“The BBC is a state institution and we work with great care and consideration in our relationships with other state institutions,” he said.

“The royal family is at the heart of our identity, and its fundamental importance is clear.

“We have great respect for every aspect of the royal family in what it does and what it does.

“Sometimes this organization creates programs that may or may not be fully agreed with different parts of the facility.

“Our job is to get it right, to be self-reliant and to be respectful.”

Royal Christmas Carol Concert Shown on ITV in Documentary Column with BBC | UK News

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