Ronan Keating talks about his son’s illness after he was taken to the hospital

Ronan Keating When my son Cooper was rushed to the hospital in September, he remembered the horrifying experience he and his family had.

Recently 44 years old He revealed that he had a vasectomy after five childrenExplained that it was a “horrible” time to see his 4-year-old “little guy” feel uncomfortable and inhale oxygen.

“You will give them something to rejuvenate. You will sacrifice something to make sure your child is okay,” he said about what happened. rice field.

Talk to mirror, He went on to go to A & E, wait endless hours, and share how to know the process of spending the night in the hospital while waiting to hear the progress.

Ronan Keating talks about his son’s “horrible” hospital dash

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He states: “I went to A & E, spent four hours in the waiting room, and then stayed at the hospital for two nights. My heart broke and their little faces were exposed to oxygen.

“He had a respiratory stuff and was fine. It wasn’t serious after all, but it was serious enough to have to go to A & E.”

Ronan went on to praise how the staff took care of the children, but added that it was very difficult to get through.

Cooper had breathing problems

The singer added: “Fortunately, I have five healthy children, but especially at this time of the year and a year later, I’m a little coughing and you’re paranoid. I’m scared.”

During a dash at Cooper’s hospital, his dad took him to Instagram to share his snap wearing an oxygen mask while lying in bed, but another image. So the young man looked a little better as he was obsessed with laptops.

“It’s not the 24 hours I imagined, but you don’t know what’s going on in life. This little guy is an absolute trooper,” Ronan wrote in the caption.

Ronan called his son an “absolute soldier”

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Ronan acknowledged that Cooper’s “strength and charm” was “blown away” and added:

“I am very grateful to the staff @chelwestft,” he concludes the post.

A few days later, the other half of Ronan Storm shared how reassuring she was As she wrote: “Thank you everyone for your prayers and good luck-they worked (!)

Storm shared her relief during Cooper’s recovery

“Because our little guy is being treated and on his way home. Thank you very much to all the great staff @chelwestft who were great.”

“This mummy is exploding with joy and peace of mind taking @cooper_keating home with Dad,” Star added.

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Ronan Keating talks about his son's illness after he was taken to the hospital

Source link Ronan Keating talks about his son's illness after he was taken to the hospital

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