Romesh Langanasan was slaughtered by “sneaky racist abuse” because the audience was “thrown out of the gig”

Weakest link Presenter Romesh Langanasan was reportedly exposed to a heckler with “sneaky racist abuse” when performing at his own stand-up show on Thursday, January 6th. rice field.

The incident reportedly occurred when 43-year-old Romesh was on stage at a stand-up gig at Hammersmith Apollo in London.

Video shared by Sun Shows speaking directly to an audience who could see Romesh standing while he was snarling.

The quiz show presenter reportedly said: f ** k needs to be shut down. What’s wrong?

“I am here ap *** k? Why did you stand up and what is happening?”

Romesh Langanasan is reportedly plagued by “racist abuse” by the audience at the Hammersmith Apollo gig.

One source said the case began in a football match between Millwall and Everton when Romesh joked about racism in football. In 2019.

After that, the male audience reportedly continued to shout “Millwall!”. Romesh then replied to the audience, “Why do you let everyone know that you are a racist?”

Sources continued. “Then the previous woman began to scream.

“Romesh told the Millwall guy,” I don’t really know if you’re a racist. I’m sure you’re a good person. “

“But the former woman started screaming for racist abuse, and she stood up and pointed at him, saying he was sleeping her and so on.

Romesh hosts The Weakest Link on the BBC
Romesh hosts The Weakest Link on the BBC

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“Then another guy shouts” hip-hop coconut. “

“It was terrible racism, but Romesh treated it really well.”

The old man was reportedly removed from the crowd allegedly cheering, and Romesh replied:

“So I’m glad it’s been processed.

“But that’s also the most exciting thing you’ve rang all night.

“This is tonight’s biggest reaction. Some women are sending off and making your t ** uproar.”

Romesh reportedly handled the case well

understood! I contacted the representative of Romesh for comment.

The comedian recently gained popularity on BBC’s favorite quiz show, The Weakest Link, which he is currently hosting and frequently exchanges comic bunters with guests on the show.

He recently called MIC Georgia Tofolo for her brutal explanation of why she wanted to vote for Nadia Wadia from the show.

Romesh asked Georgia: “Why did you vote for Nina?”

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Georgia replied, “I made a mistake in two questions and should have deposited it in the bank sooner, yeah, a nightmare.”

Shocked by her reaction, Romesh said:

After that, Romesh impersonated a MIC star and said: It’s like how you talk to your staff. “

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Romesh Langanasan was slaughtered by "sneaky racist abuse" because the audience was "thrown out of the gig"

Source link Romesh Langanasan was slaughtered by "sneaky racist abuse" because the audience was "thrown out of the gig"

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