Romeo + Juliet director Baz Luhrmann, 59, looks unrecognizable after a dramatic makeover

Baz Luhrmann was incredibly youthful at the AACTA Awards in Sydney, Australia last night.

The 59-year-old Australian director, when walking on the red carpet in a stylish black suit, buttonless white shirt, and silk neckerchief, kept the world away from his formerly stronger self.


Baz Luhrmann showed an incredibly youthful appearance at the AACTA Awards in Sydney last night.Credit: EPA


Australian filmmaker filmed in 2001Credits: Getty Images

The chic ensemble of Romeo and Juliet filmmakers not only turned their heads, but also had a wrinkle-free complexion.

The director of Great Gatsby styled his white hair from his face and gave him a well-groomed mustache to accentuate his new look.

Buzz After gaining fame in the hit movie “Strictly Ballroom” in 1992, he directed the replay of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet in 1996.

The filmmaker also directed the Golden Globe Award-winning Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.

He then reunited with Nicole seven years later for the cinematic epic Australia with Hugh Jackman.

The director finally released the Great Gatsby in 2013 and is currently promoting his next Elvis biopick.

Buzz recently wrapped up his next Elvis Biopic shoot, which began filming on the Gold Coast last January.

The Foresight of the film was born on September 17, 1962 in Sydney as Mark Rahman.

He changed his name to Buzz in 1979 after getting a nickname from his father.

Buzz’s mother was a ballroom dance teacher and dress shop owner, and her father ran a gas station and a movie theater.

He has been nominated for the Moulin Rouge Best Picture Award! And he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Film.

At Strictly Ballroom, he won the Australian Film and Television Arts Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Screenplay.

He won the British Academy Award for Best Screenplay and the David Lean Award for Best Directing by Romeo + Juliet.

He also won the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards Best Direction Award and the Great Gatsby Best Film Award.

His wife, Catherine Martin, is a costume, production, stage artist, film producer and has won four Oscars for her work.

The couple met when Catherine was a student and got married in 1997.


Filmmaker posed to take a picture on the red carpet in SydneyCredits: Getty Images-Getty


Buzz shot with Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman in 2001Credit: Times Newspapers Ltd


Filmmaker of the 1996 Romeo + Juliet setCredit: Other 20th Century Fox


Buzz and his wife Catherine Martin at the 2002 74th Academy AwardsCredits: Getty Images

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Romeo + Juliet director Baz Luhrmann, 59, looks unrecognizable after a dramatic makeover

Source link Romeo + Juliet director Baz Luhrmann, 59, looks unrecognizable after a dramatic makeover

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