Rochelle Humees states in a heartfelt post that he is “finding his feet” after losing his “loved one”.

Rochelle Hume’s A heartfelt post shared on social media revealed that she had lost her loved one.

former Saturday The singer, 32, is currently on vacation with her husband. Marvin Humes, 36, and its three children: Alaia-Mai, eight, Valentina, four, and Blake, one.

Share a glance During her sunbathing family trip, Rochelle revealed to her 2.2 million followers that she is currently saddening someone. That’s why she’s quiet on Instagram.

Rochelle writes: “Happy new year. Thank you for your message. I’ve been quiet. Losing a loved one is never easy, so hug a small family and make a little more memories of yourself. I’m trying to find my foot. “

Rochelle Humes is currently on vacation with her husband Marvin and her three children.

rochelle humes
Marvin Humes painted with his adorable one-year-old son, Blake

After that, the three mothers began to share heartfelt quotes about losing a special person.

“The world is changing and the sun is rising every day. Life wasn’t the same because you were called. You are a very special person, very kind, kind and kind, your sweetest memories. I wish I had a way to meet you again in my life to thank you for the joy you bought. “

Since then, Dis Morning’s hosts have been flooded with kind support messages from their followers.

rochelle humes
Rochelle and Marvin took a sweet photo together on the beach

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Rochelle’s sister Sophie wrote, “I love you,” followed by a series of white heart emojis, followed by Aston Marigold partner Sarah Richards.

Dr. Atejuel, a journalist and cosmetologist, wrote, “I’m sending a lot of love,” as Aaron Renfrey, a former S Club 7 Juniors bandmate at Rochelle, said “I love you.” increase.

But it’s unclear who Rochelle lost tragically.

Rochelle Hume's faints on the last day of the morning with a super chic black velvet top
Rochelle thanked people for their message on Instagram

This year started with a sad note from a 32-year-old celebrity psychic Sally Morgan predicted that Rochelle would spend more time focusing on the younger family. In 2022.

Sally said understood!: “Her career is flying now, but you may want to slow down in 2022. There are great opportunities, but she has a lot to spend more time around the house and kids. I refuse to work.

“She still does little by little with her husband Marvin. There is longevity and they have a good relationship. I see them staying together forever.”

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Rochelle Humees states in a heartfelt post that he is "finding his feet" after losing his "loved one".

Source link Rochelle Humees states in a heartfelt post that he is "finding his feet" after losing his "loved one".

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