Robert Webb reveals that he will strictly miss the final, claiming no “bad feelings for the show”

Robert webb I confirmed he wouldn’t come back Please come to dance strictly The dance floor of the final match this weekend.

Actor, 49, Withdrew from the competition in October for his healthHowever, it has not yet been confirmed whether he will play in the finals against other previously excluded contestants.

The hit BBC One show is usually characterized by the exclusion players who were voted early in the series returning to their final dance in the finals before a couple was elected winner.

However, Rob confirmed via Instagram that he would not appear in the finals scheduled to air on Saturday, December 18.

Robert Webb has confirmed that he will not return to the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor in the finals this weekend.

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In an image of himself and his ex-dance partner Diane Baswell, Rob wrote:

“Of course, it’s not really silence. It’s just doing other things. But I don’t participate in the strictly final group dance this Saturday, so I thought I should pipe it. My “silence” about) should be taken as evidence of all sorts of bad feelings about the show.

“My love for Strictly is an eternal summer season, but the producers realized that when I had to quit, I had to quit altogether. Diane and Joe had lunch a few weeks ago. Came to and got it by m’partner. I explained in a little more detail what the show was doing physically and mentally to me. Another dance offer was politely turned down. It’s not surprising.

Robert Webb he "sorry" He can't participate in group dance strictly in the final
The 49-year-old actor withdrew from the tournament in October for the sake of his health.

“More generally, I’m sorry that my departure changed the format, so there are only three couples in the final (there are many angry Rhys fans-everyone, you I tried d to do the 4th week but died in the middle of the show. Still * still * 3 finals, right?)

“Anyway, the headline is: I’m sorry for everything, but I’m not doing anything. I’m fine now. Everything is great, so enjoy the obvious great finals. See you! X”

Robert announced in October that he had withdrawn from Strictly Come Dancing for the sake of his health.Two years after undergoing open heart surgery, he admitted that he “bited more than he could.”

Robert said in a statement at the time: “I am very sorry that I have to announce that I will withdraw from Strictly Come Dancing because of my poor health.

Strictly speaking, Robert Webb says he was
Strictly Robert had heart surgery two years before appearing on the show

“Two years ago, I had an open heart surgery. I believed I was strong enough to take on the rigorous and tight schedule, but I chewed more than I could chew at this stage of recovery. It became clear.

“She thought it was better to leave the show for the sake of her health as she began to feel the symptoms of urgent consultation with a cardiologist.”

He continued. “I’m proud of the three dances Diane Baswell and I managed to perform, and deeply regret having to disappoint her in this way. More talented partners and more patient I couldn’t hope for a teacher. Diane’s measure of professionalism and kindness I was able to get as much as I could.

“Thanks to everyone in the house who voted for us. It was always a difficult mountain to climb (one is very slippery because it’s made of glitter) and I’m especially a heart disease patient I was impressed with the support.

“Maybe I was too enthusiastic about impressing them. They know that recovery doesn’t always go straight. And I’m more than me at the limits of my resilience. I hope they aren’t too disappointed with the early encounters. “D hoped.

“I know it and leave Strictly The viewers are in very safe condition and I will support my brother and sister contestants until Christmas. Despite this sad ending, it’s a real honor to be able to participate in this huge, fun and barking crazy TV show. It may last for a long time. “

Robert Hoping for him a “quick recovery”, she partnered with Diane, who said she was lucky to “call him a friend”.

The pair danced together for three weeks in the program, including a quick step to the theme song for the tango and mappet show, and scored 25 out of 40.

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Robert Webb reveals that he will strictly miss the final, claiming no "bad feelings for the show"

Source link Robert Webb reveals that he will strictly miss the final, claiming no "bad feelings for the show"

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