Robert Tanitch reviews ENO’s Valkyrie at the London Coliseum

Richard Wagner Ring cycle This is the largest work in music history. It took 28 years to compose and perform at the first Bayreuth Festival in 1876.

ENO Ring cycleIt was a disappointing start in collaboration with the Metropolitan Opera in New York for the first time in over 15 years. Valkyrie..

The music conducted by Martyn Brabbins is far more exciting than Richard Jones’ approach to the dull, contemporary narrative. Foustin’s famous Wagner-directed caricature (reproduced in the program) is more appealing.

Rekha Garton’s Pre-Raphaelite photographic images for ENO posters and program covers are perfect for Wagner’s opera. Sadly, it has nothing to do with what we see on stage. The performance deliberately lacks the grandeur of Norse mythology.

The designer is Stewart Rain. Incest twins Siegmund and Nicky Spence and Emma Bell as Sieglinde appear to be wearing rehearsal clothes and running around the block. Matthew Rose, as the chief of the gods, Watan, looks like a lumberjack and wears a red anorak.

Rachel Nichols looks like a child dressed up for Christmas with her daughter Brynhildr wearing a chestboard and printed pajamas. Spence is the most compelling character. However, it is not a good idea to have Sieglinde’s husband, Handing, carry a spear on his back and kill Siegmund.

Musically and thrillingly, the high spot is Valkyrie’s vehicle. The girl in a baggy green uniform looks like the hockey team at Ronald Searle’s St. Trinian School is pretending to be a warrior. Their horse’s head is fine, but the cloak’s body and stupid hoof movements are from the cartoon Pantomime.

The final scene between Watan and Brunhilde in the empty space could not be lit and helped by the actual existence of a ring of fire surrounding Brunhilde for safety reasons dictated by the Westminster Council. I can’t. (Before the performance began, ENO’s artistic director Annilese Miskimmon apologized and encouraged the audience to use their imagination.)

It’s not magical to see Watan struggle to cut the wire so that the sleeping Brunhilde can be lifted and floated in the air. The finale is intended to be spectacular and looks awkward and unstable, as the circus trapeze did not work.

caution. Finally, conclude with a positive note. If you are under the age of 21, you can get a free ticket for ENO Production.

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Robert Tanitch reviews ENO’s Valkyrie at the London Coliseum

Source link Robert Tanitch reviews ENO’s Valkyrie at the London Coliseum

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