Robert Durst Murder Trial Essential Guide-E!online

Dust marriage Debra Charatan In 2000 he left his second wife to manage the money and moved to Galveston, Texas. So he rented an apartment, pretending to be a silent woman.

“I wore a wig for the first few weeks, but it’s really inconvenient and a crushing pain,” Durst said. good thing Commentary.. “I don’t know how women always put their hair in their mouths and do it. That is, it was absolutely impossible to jog with it, and after a while I stopped it. “

Morris Black I lived on the other side of the hall. Dust claimed that Black’s death in 2001 was self-defense, and after his neighbor first pointed Dust’s gun at him, they fought, the gun disappeared, and Black was fatally injured. Dust claimed that he had removed his head from his body and chopped the rest to make it easier to dispose of Black’s body. Fearing that the police wouldn’t believe his story, he removed his body.

“I remember the nightmares I had in the next few days. [after shooting Black], Trying to decide what to do, I decided I couldn’t go to the police, and the police wouldn’t believe this, “Dust recalled in the commentary. I rented an apartment for $ 300 a month disguised as a woman, but by the way, a neighbor was lying in my kitchen and shot my face from a gun. “

However, the jury determined that he was credible, or at least had reasonable doubt about his intentions, and in 2003 he was not guilty of murder.

Robert Durst Murder Trial Essential Guide-E!online

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