Robert Carlisle from The Full Monty, seen on set for the first time as Gaz

Robert Carlisle is filming for the first time on the set for the new one Disney + A full-length TV series by Monty.

The actor, who plays Gas Schofield in the 1997 British comedy, was spotted filming on the spot in Manchester, where he reunited with other members of the original cast, Paul Barber, who played Conn, and Steve Huyson, better known as Lomper. .

Robert, 69, was caught walking down the street wearing a Sheffield United football jersey with a denim jacket and gray jeans. He was then snapped into a greasy cafe with spoons.

Steve, 59, was pictured wearing a khaki bodysuit and green fleece, crouching in the middle of the road.

The 71-year-old Paul, who is also well known for playing Denzil in “Only Fools and Horses”, was also spotted on the set in camouflage gray pants, a dark coat and a navy blue flat hat.

Robert Carlisle first spotted in Full Monty

The Bafta Award-winning film is about a group of unemployed men in Sheffield who decide to organize a male strip club in an attempt to make some money.

Nearly 25 years later, the Disney production of the same name will follow the same group of amazing strippers in eight episodes as they move to the post-industrial city of Sheffield and the troubled health, education and employment sectors.

Robert (Gas) pictured in the greasy spoon during the Manchester shoot

The full Monty starring Paul Barber and Steve Huyson on set

According to Disney, “the series will explore a brighter, stupider and more humane way forward, where joint efforts can still triumph over adversity.”

Robert Carlisle will return as Gas, Mark Adi as Dave, Leslie Sharp as Jean, Hugo Spear as Guy, Paul Barber as Conn, Steve Huyson as Lomper, Wim Snape as Nathan and Tom Wilkinson as Gerald.

The new series will also feature a range of new cast members, including children and grandchildren of returning characters.

Announcing the TV adaptation, screenwriter and executive producer Simon Bofoy said: “We are excited to bring all the Monty men together again – now with a chaotic entourage of children, grandchildren, pets and various hangers – to see what life is like in Sheffield after 25 years. “

Steve Huyson (Lomper) will play again in The Full Monty for Disney +

Lee Mason, director of screenwriting for the EMEA region, Disney, added: “Twenty-five years ago, Simon introduced us to a group of fun, fearless and resilient unemployed working-class Sheffield men and the world fell in love with them.

“We are happy to reunite the original cast for this brand new Disney + series to catch up with these iconic characters and what they’ve been doing since we last saw them on stage in all their glory, and we can’t wait to introduce you exciting new faces and characters. “

Filming for the new show began in Sheffield and Manchester on March 28.

Paul Barber (Kon) on the set of Manchester

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Disney has not yet announced a release date for its adaptation, but it looks likely to be in 2023.

Robert Carlisle OBE is a Scottish actor and director. His film works include Trainspotting (1996), The Full Monty (1997), The World Is Not Enough (1999), Angela’s Ashes (1999), The Beach (2000), 28 Weeks Later (2007) and Yesterday (2019).

He won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for The Full Monty.

Robert Carlisle from The Full Monty, seen on set for the first time as Gaz

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