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Riverside Resource Recovery Facility, Belvedere Permit Variation

The operators of the Riverside Resource Recovery Facility have applied to the Environment Agency to vary the current operating permit for the site.

This will increase energy production, increase the maximum amount of waste passing through the system and use more raw materials.

Following an earlier public consultation on their initial version in 2021, the Environment Agency is “considering” granting the permit change. Before making a final decision, it holds another round of public consultation for people and organizations to present their views.

The consultation is now open and will run until Tuesday 9 August 2022.

To see further information on the permit application, with details of how to take part in the consultation

Allow for variations

If granted, the environmental permit amendment will allow Riverside Resource Recovery Limited to:

  • Change the power generation limit from up to 72 MW to “up to 80.5 MW;

  • Increase the maximum amount of waste passing through the system from 785,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) to 850,000 tpa;

  • Increase the annual amount of some raw materials used.

Under the emission variation limit, air emission values ​​will decrease. This is due to current combustion control, mitigation and monitoring technology that can achieve and precisely control much lower emissions.

Together, these changes are called the Riverside Optimization Project, or ROP.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said:

The environmental permit sets out strict conditions that all waste sites must adhere to. We will not issue an environmental permit for any site if we believe that the activities being carried out will result in significant environmental pollution or harm to human health.

Public consultation allows people and organizations to take part in our decision-making. We particularly welcome comments on environmental and health issues and where people have some local knowledge. We take all relevant comments into account when making decisions.

When making authorization decisions, we use information about the potential environmental and human health impacts of a given activity.

The Environment Agency will take into account all relevant considerations and legal requirements when deciding whether or not to grant permission.

For more information please email KSLE@environment-agency.gov.uk

Additional information

To see more information on how and how the Environment Agency consults on permit applications and the standard rules for environmental permits

Riverside Resource Recovery Facility, Belvedere Permit Variation

SourceRiverside Resource Recovery Facility, Belvedere Permit Variation

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