Rising energy prices fill older people with “absolute fear”, Age UK warns

Fuel poverty: Older people tend to feel cold because it is difficult to regulate and maintain body temperature, Age UK says.

The government has warned that older people who cannot afford to buy soaring energy prices need urgent help this winter.

Households eligible for additional payments during Coldsnap will have to give a one-time £ 50, and Congress’s distress fund is said to double to £ 1 billion.

“In most cases, it’s an exaggeration to suggest that older people were at risk of freezing to death at home, but this year the risk cannot be completely ignored,” said Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK. I am.

Nearly one million poor elderly households are currently struggling to pay for heating, according to charities, and rising costs put another 150,000 households at risk of experiencing fuel poverty this winter. It means that.

Before turning off or off heating, we encourage older people (or relatives who act on their behalf) to call the free national advice line (0800 678 1602).

The staff confirms that they are receiving all available financial support, especially pension credits that trigger £ 25 cold payments when the average temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius for at least 7 days. It will help.

A government spokesperson said:

“Supporting energy consumers is also an important priority, so energy price caps are maintained, but vulnerable through initiatives such as warm home discounts, winter fuel payments, and cold weather payments. We will continue to support low-income households. “

According to Age UK, between mid-October and mid-November, 25,700 people were informed that they were worried about energy prices, and about 6,500 activists expressed concern to parliamentarians.

It believes in soaring energy prices, As wholesale gas prices soar and SMEs collapse, This means that many poor families with one member over the age of 60 will be distributing heating this winter. And many already feel “absolute fear” in that outlook.

Are you old and worried about your electricity bill?

You can call Age UK for free to make sure you have received everything you qualify for at 0800 6781602.

Are you claiming pension credits?See details about application here, Or call Age UK to help you apply for help, including payment for cold weather.

Did you contact the supplier? Age UK says energy providers are obliged to provide support when people are suffering from invoices and debt. You can ask about an affordable repayment plan.

Did your supplier go bankrupt?Know what to do here.

Read this money guide to deal with soaring energy prices here.

“Part of the problem is that many older people live in old homes that are difficult to heat, and as a result, they need to use a lot of energy just to keep them warm,” says charity.

“Cold can be dangerous for older people, especially those with existing health conditions. Older people tend to feel colder than younger people because it is difficult to regulate and maintain body temperature.

Cold temperatures increase the risk of heart attack and stroke in the elderly, worsen lung condition, and can exacerbate arthritis. Living in a cold house can also impair the mental health of the elderly and contribute to anxiety, depression and loneliness.

With the new The Cost of Cold campaign, Age UK is pressing the government to take the next urgent action.

-Provide a one-time £ 50 to everyone eligible for payment in cold climates to speed up existing payments so they arrive within 7 days of the sub-zero period.

It usually takes 14 business days. The charity said: “This delay and the uncertainty it brings means that many people do not warm their homes sufficiently during the cold weather.”

-Double the household support fund distributed by local governments to £ 1 billion. This allows Congress to help more vulnerable households who do not have access to means-tested support.

-Legal energy price caps in the short term and reintroduce “energy social tariffs” for the poorest-Age UK “pays the highest energy tariffs, the lowest incomes and the coldest” People who say “I’m living a life” and the least energy-efficient home.

This includes people with medical conditions and disabilities who need to use more heating and energy.

What the elderly say about electricity bills

75-year-old Peter told Age UK: I already lock myself in one room and stay in bed for as long as possible. If you reduce it further, there is no point in living. “

77-year-old Geraldine said: ‘I have arthritis, but it gets worse when it’s cold. I now need to keep the heating low. I already wear gloves on my hands and heat packs on my leggings to help my back.

Sheila, 81, said: “I’m afraid of the invoice, so I have to turn off the heating.”

-Get more people to sign up for pension credits. This is a passport for even more assistance. However, it is underestimated by the elderly. See the box above.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, said:

“Currently, it’s clear that some people are completely expecting that when the cold begins, they will have to choose between reducing food and lowering heating.

“Our biggest concern at Age UK is that some older people don’t even try to keep their homes warm enough this winter for fear of high bills they can’t afford to pay.

“Many older people are good at making good use of their small budgets, but this time they will not be enough to protect them from the effects of rising households and rising energy costs.

“We need to ensure that the turmoil in the wholesale energy market does not lead to tragedy for the elderly this winter.

“It’s an exaggeration to suggest that older people were at risk of freezing to death in their homes in most years, but this year the risk cannot be completely ignored. That’s why all older people are safe. We need government action to help us stay healthy. ”

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Rising energy prices fill older people with “absolute fear”, Age UK warns

Source link Rising energy prices fill older people with “absolute fear”, Age UK warns

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