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Rishi Sunak’s most difficult period as Chancellor, it could get worse | Political news

Rishi Sunak’s allies now freely admit that this is the most difficult period since he became chancellor, it could get worse.

Some wondered if the opportunity to hold higher positions was now dead. They worry that he could have done better in many aspects of recent weeks, and are surprised that he does not seem to have better answers to the inevitable questions that his family’s wealth should bring.

He learns who his friends are. maybe less than once in the cabinet. His position is more alone after a certain silence during the Prime Minister’s party misfortunes, after the appearance of other rivals for the crown, when Boris Johnson is removed from office.

Sunak says his wife is being rubbed և he did not do anything wrong because of a non-governmental dispute

The participants of the campaign in the clothes of Rishi Sunak are protesting in front of the treasury office

Some of Mr. Johnson’s relatives have not forgotten, they are still in a hurry to criticize, to make judgments.

There are disagreements between the allies. A war council was formed, asking whether he should go out publicly to fight or keep his council.

Some suggested he avoid the flames on many fronts, but yesterday he continued to give an interview to The Sun, saying: “It is a confusing situation that he is from another country.”

And then there were personal sacrifices. The Chancellor has decided not to go to his California hole for this parliamentary vacation, despite speculation that he may. Yorkshire calls him again because he could not get to the US Christmas, complains that he needs a desperate vacation.

All of this weighs heavily on him and those around him, but none of it evokes the anger and resentment that Mr. Sunak felt when his wife, Akshata Murti, took the lead in the national debate about decency.

The prime minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, may appear in the news frequently, having previously held political roles, but Ms. Murth has never been exposed. He allows himself to show his anger by identifying himself with Will Smith, who slapped his wife in a critical manner.

The Suns have spent most of their careers as couples donating to his old school, Winchester College, Stanford Business School, and his undergraduate university, Clermont McKenna, but he has never had the exposure of some political spouses. .

During the events that took place around the parliament three weeks ago, he remained far from the center of attention, despite his exceptional wealth.

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“Is the non-residence status correct?”

It is now in the spotlight at the most inopportune moment, confirming that he has “non-domestic” status, which allows those born abroad to pay a lump sum to avoid income tax abroad.

At a time when families are struggling with every bill, even the appearance of wealth can be criticized by large sections of the political spectrum, feeding on the political question of whether Mr. Sunak understands the daily struggles of ordinary families now.

Mr. Sunak’s friends can complain, look for enemies, ask if there is a coordinated campaign against him. The answer may involve less conspiracy, as hard times mean Mr. Sunak, who gained fame and popularity for his generosity in the pandemic, despite his fiscal instincts, always had to be more controlled.

He is now vulnerable to many of the problems used against him to suggest that he has nothing to do with the struggling British.

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One such issue is the nature of his relationship with the United States, where he owns one of his own homes.

According to Sky News, Mr. Sunak and his wife had US green cards that allowed him to reside for more than a year as chancellor, and had previously resigned while working at the treasury.

US Green Card holders are required to pay US taxes on their global income, to promise that the US is their eternal home.

The US government website says that the card is only for people who “make the US your permanent home”, which would be strange for someone with several government jobs, including local government minister, secretary general of the treasury և chancellor :

A source close to Mr Sunaki said: “None of them have a green card” but declined to comment on whether they had any during their tenure as chancellor.

At the same time, Mr. Sunak suggested that the family’s final destination be India, telling The Sun that “there, you know, he will eventually want to go and take care of his parents when they grow up.”

Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak’s allies now freely admit that this is the most difficult period since he became Chancellor.

No one doubts that it left the chancellor in a weaker position than just two months ago, when many announced him as a possible replacement for Mr Johnson.

There is an alternative space where Mr. Sunak strikes hard on the man next to him, resigns because of his misfortune, challenges the prime minister to a higher position, rather than coded criticism’s obvious absences.

He will never know if it was a better course.

Rishi Sunak’s most difficult period as Chancellor, it could get worse | Political news

Source Rishi Sunak’s most difficult period as Chancellor, it could get worse | Political news

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