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Rishi Sunak told David Cameron that he “pushed” Green Sill on the team.Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak was accused of trying to smooth out how Greensil Capital gained special access to emergency Covid loans after the release of a text message indicating what the Prime Minister had said. David Cameron He “pushed the team” to see if that could happen.

The Treasury also revealed that the former Prime Minister had “informally” called two other ministers of the ministry, sources said he had sent “multiple” texts to his snack’s personal phone. It was. The Treasury refused to publish these texts, saying they were sent “confidently.”

Cameron, an adviser and shareholder to the collapsed financial company, has been silent about the scandal since it occurred more than a month ago.

The Labor Party said a text message from a snack to the former Prime Minister last April, released after a request for freedom of information, may have violated the minister’s rules and called for a full investigation.

The message is new to how Cameron lobbyed Greensill to qualify for the largest possible tranche of government-sponsored loans under Covid’s Corporate Finance Facility (CCFF) and to respond to snacks. I shed light.

Two texts from snacks to Cameron Released On thursday. From the first April 3rd, I confirmed the message from Cameron and promised to respond that night or the next morning.

“Hello David, Thank you for your message. I have stuck to the back-to-back on the phone, you try your late tonight. If it is too late, first. Highest tomorrow, Rishi.”

Second, starting April 23, Sunak explained that Greensill wants to find a way to qualify for the largest government-sponsored loan available under CCFF.

“Hi David, Sorry for the delay. After all, it is a proposal I think that it was necessary to change the market notification, I am in the team, urged to seek alternatives and might work bank “Sunak wrote. “There is no guarantee, but the World Bank is currently considering it and Charles needs to get in touch. Best, Rishi.”

“Charles” is understood to refer to Charles Rocksburg, the second senior civil servant in the Treasury.

Just a while ago Released documentation Under the rules of freedom of information, the day after the second text of the snack, Rocksburg spoke to Greensil Capital to expand the snack offer. There were several other calls, but in June the company was told that it was not qualified. Green Sill Capital collapses In March of this year, 5,000 jobs were endangered at the financially-backed British company Liberty Steel.

The message “raises a very serious question as to whether the prime minister may have broken the ministerial code,” said shadow prime minister Anneliese Dodds. “They suggest that Greensill Capital has accelerated treatment and access to civil servants, and that the Prime Minister has” pushed “civil servants to consider Greensill’s demands.

“The Prime Minister’s decision to open the door to Greensill Capital has jeopardized public funding. A series of events in which Greensill won a lucrative contract, Whitehall freedom, and millions of pounds of government support. A complete, transparent and thorough investigation of the right to lend a Covid loan is required. “

Margaret Hodge, a former chairman of the Public Accounting Commission, said: Tweet: “These revelations show a deeply corrupt culture at the heart of this government. It’s taxpayer money, not Tory money … the prime minister should never be involved with David Cameron. He shouldn’t have called Cameron back … we’re in a state of moral bankruptcy. “

Cameron’s role in lobbying the minister is Increasing evidence Learn about the influence of Australian lender Lex Greensill, who became a major provider of so-called supply chain finance when Cameron was at number 10.

Green Sill became very embedded in Downing Street and by 2012 he would Official No10 business card He is described as a “senior adviser.” Cameron declined to comment on the event.

A statement from the Treasury on Thursday confirms that “for the benefit of transparency”, Cameron also “informally contacted by phone” with two vice ministers of the department, John Glenn and Jesse Norman. Said.

He refused to publish Cameron’s text and said: David Cameron In his ability as an employee of Green Sill, and in the hope of confidence. “

In a statement released by the Treasury, Snack said: “As a financial institution, it is correct for the Treasury to engage with stakeholders and consider the policy proposals submitted to us, especially in an unprecedented crisis. In this case, through discussions with officials with Greensil. , It became clear that their proposal was not feasible and would not be fully offered to UK SMEs, and I support my decision to deny their request. “

Treasury sources said they were not obliged to publish the text under the Information Disclosure Act, but “to undoubtedly reassure them that they acted honestly and appropriately without cheating.” ..

Rishi Sunak told David Cameron that he “pushed” Green Sill on the team.Rishi Sunak

Source Rishi Sunak told David Cameron that he “pushed” Green Sill on the team.Rishi Sunak

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