Rishi Sunak says there is no other blockade “on the card” as a Covid booster to prevent restrictions despite winter warnings

Rishi Sunak said another blockade was “not on the card” because the Covid booster prevented the need for extreme coronavirus restrictions.

The prime minister admitted that this winter was “challenging,” but the country did not resort to another blockade because of the vaccine deployment and booster system.


Rishi Sunak said there are other options available before resorting to the blockadeCredit: PA

Instead, as infections increase this winter, Jab will continue to be the country’s “first line of defense” against the virus.

He said Times: “Thanks to the vaccine, I think I’m in a completely different place than it was a year ago.

“There is this huge wave of protection, which changes things. That is our first line of defense.”

Snack admitted that winter is “challenging”, but that wouldn’t mean appealing to another blockade.

“There is a range of options available, and they are not options with blockades or very serious financial restrictions,” he said.

this is, UK Covid Cases total increased by almost 50,000 again yesterday-Stop spreading, as Boris Johnson vows to “do what we have to do.”

An additional 49,298 people tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday, up 9.7% weekly last Friday.

On Thursday, daily Covid cases exceeded 50,000 for the first time in three months, with an additional 52,009 positive.

The last time the daily infection crossed a severe milestone was July 17, when 54,674 new cases were reported.

After 180 deaths were recorded, Friday’s death toll also surged. This figure shows an increase of almost 60 percent of the 115 deaths on Thursday.

Boris Johnson vowed yesterday to “do whatever we have to do” to keep the rising Covid case under control, but claimed that the complete blockade was not “on the card.”

The Prime Minister became more and more “cautious” in Britain, in which he urged him to start wearing masks again. Alert for spiral infection..

Scientists warn of how much the outbreak of Covid could worsen next year without “Plan B” style measures as the vaccine’s immunity weakens.

“No blockage”

In a dissertation submitted to a government scientific adviser, experts Booster Jab It suppresses the virus indefinitely.

The worst-case scenario graph suggests 150,000 infections, 2,000 hospitalizations, and 300 deaths per day in the spring of 2022.

This is true even if 90% of adults over the age of 50 receive the booster vaccine in winter.

use Next means -Face cover, telecommuting, vaccine passport-From May 2022, just push the “peak” further into the year.

This is based on the assumption that immunity weakens faster than expected.

However, even with moderate decline, infection peaks at 100,000 per day and can kill 200 people after winter.

The London School of Economics and Tropical Medicine model suggests that a further peak is inevitable next year. COVID It’s not over yet.

At the London Vaccine Center, the Prime Minister today claimed that the virus surge was “always predicted” by scientists and “perfectly in line” with what they expected.

Rise case

The most important thing he can do Come forward for their booster jabs..

Boris said:

“We have seen high levels of infection, but they are not outside the parameters of what was predicted or what we thought we would see.

“But it is very important that people pay attention to general behavioral guidance.”

He said people should wear masks “in a limited area where they meet people they don’t usually meet.”

He then urged people to continue to wash their hands regularly to make sure the room was well ventilated.

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Rishi Sunak says there is no other blockade “on the card” as a Covid booster to prevent restrictions despite winter warnings

SourceRishi Sunak says there is no other blockade “on the card” as a Covid booster to prevent restrictions despite winter warnings

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