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Rishi Sunak prepares to launch backlash against ‘wake-up police’ – ‘actual crime fighting’ | UK | News

Rishi Sunak is preparing to launch a backlash against the so-called “awakened police,” the report claims. According to the Telegraph, the source was revealed to be newly appointed. prime minister I plan to make crime One of the government’s three priorities. They seek to emulate the work of Chief Constable Stephen Watson, who turned a “failed” police force around in just 18 months.

Mr Watson, chief constable of the Greater Manchester Police (GMP), has said in the past that the public is “tired” of officers signaling virtue rather than locking up robbers.

To his credit, the answer time for 999 calls has been reduced by a factor of 12 in the summer of 2021.

The number of investigations resulting in criminal prosecutions also increased by 42%.

Watson promised to restore public confidence in the police by investigating every reported crime, even if it was “minor”, and banned “screening” of vulnerable cases.

Police officers were dispatched to all reported robbery crime scenes to reinstate neighborhood police, also known as “Bobby on the Beat.”

Watson warned that public tolerance for “awake” police officers has reached “highest standards”.

A report this summer by the Policy Exchange think tank argued that police officers who appear to be politically neutral can be “extremely damaging” to the police force.

The Policy Exchange also revealed that four in 10 voters think cops are more interested in “keep awake” than solving crimes.

A government source said:

“The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester has done an excellent job of that.

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The news comes after Lincolnshire police were criticized in August when video footage of officers dancing to the Macarena during the annual Pride celebration was posted on social media.

While some Twitter users commented that it was “embarrassing” or “disgraceful,” Chief Constable Chris Howard said the officers’ actions “didn’t undermine their duty.”

He said policing is about “engaging, understanding, being part of the community” and enforcing the law.

Howard added: “Pride is one of the many great community events in the county and we are not just there for the police, we want people to see behind the uniform and know who we are. I am also participating in order to receive it.”

https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1689539/rishi-sunak-police-officers-crime-stephen-watson-latest-uk-news-ont Rishi Sunak prepares to launch backlash against ‘wake-up police’ – ‘actual crime fighting’ | UK | News

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