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Rishi Sunak. Indyref2 is “the wrong priority at the worst possible time”


Second Scottish independence referendum ‘wrong priority at worst time’, says Tory leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak.

The former chancellor said in a column for the Scottish Daily Mail on Tuesday.

Both he and his leadership rival Liz Truss they have opposed the idea of ​​holding another vote, with Ms Truss saying last week she would not agree to the Scottish Government’s request under any circumstances.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Last week branded the two hopefuls “hypocrites” in response to their comments, while SNP MP Kirsten Oswald Westminster A spokesman accused them on Monday of “making it clear that they will continue to ignore the voice of Scotland”.

In his column, Mr. Sunak said The United Kingdom “is the most successful political union in history and has stood the test of time, facing the greatest challenges we have ever faced.”

“Working together and uniting is what has made us such a formidable force on the world stage,” he wrote.

I am clear that another referendum is the wrong priority at the worst possible time

“Scotland has achieved a lot as part of the UK and the UK has achieved a lot because of Scotland. We can build on that success for the future, and I have a plan to do that.

“Just as our union’s power grew to help people in every corner of the UK during the pandemic, it must continue to help people in the coming months and challenges ahead.”

The Downing Street candidate continued. “I am clear that another referendum is the wrong priority at the worst time.

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“The SRC is wrong when it tries to destroy the country when we should unite. Why aren’t they talking about the drug crisis in Scotland or how we can put more money into the pockets of Scottish workers?

“Just as I want to be more accountable to people in every corner of the UK, the SNP must be more accountable for their responsibilities.”

The Tory MP added that the UK government could not “just stop the referendum, we must also reduce support for independence”.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss both opposed the idea of ​​a second independence referendum (Jacob King/PA) / PA wire

“We need to win the argument and show that you can be a patriotic Scot and at the same time a proud defender of our United Kingdom,” he said. “One is not exclusive to the other.”

To do this, the former chancellor suggested Westminster should end the “broadcast and forget mentality” and instead become “the most proactive government the UK has ever had” by putting more funding directly into local communities.

Last month, Ms Sturgeon announced her intention to hold a second independence referendum, with a tentative date set for October 19, 2023.

Ms Oswald, SNP MP for East Renfrewshire, said: “Rishi Sunak’s warped logic seems to be that the people of Scotland cannot be told about their constitutional future because the UK is in such a mess.

“Precisely because the UK lags behind its neighbors on a number of indicators of wealth and equality, as shown in a recent Scottish Government document, Scottish independence is essential.

“The longer Scotland remains tied to a failed Westminster system, the poorer we will become as a result.

“The Tories make the exact case for Scots every election that Rishi Sunak makes, and they lose every election by a landslide. It is clear that neither of the Tory candidates have thought through their Scotland strategy, which does not bode well for either of them becoming Prime Minister.

“Regardless of what Rishi Sunak thinks, the people of Scotland have already decided that they want to be offered a choice about their future. they did that at last year’s election when they elected a clear majority of MSPs with that commitment.”

Rishi Sunak. Indyref2 is “the wrong priority at the worst possible time”

Source Rishi Sunak. Indyref2 is “the wrong priority at the worst possible time”

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