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Rishi Snack says he regrets Gavin Williamson’s appointment

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Wednesday that he regretted appointing Sir Gavin Williamson as minister, adding that he was unaware of “certain” bullying allegations prior to his appointment.

Williamson, who last month became minister without a portfolio, resigned Tuesday after a flurry of complaints about his conduct. He was investigated and downed by Congress’ Independent Complaints and Complaints Scheme following allegations that he told senior civil servants to “slit his throat” and sent threatening text messages to former Chief Whip Wendy Morton. We are facing an investigation by the city.

In the prime minister’s question in the House of Commons, Labor leader Sir Kiel Sturmer described Williamson as a “cartoon bully with a pet spider”.

Sturmer likened and compared Williamson to “a sad middle manager who has ceased to intimidate those below him.” snack to his “bosses who are so weak and worried that bullies will turn on him that he hides behind them.”

Asked by Sturmer if he regretted giving Williamson the job, Snack said: Please take appropriate action. “

“For the record, I was unaware of any specific concerns related to his actions as Secretary of State or Chief Whip, going back several years.”

Sunak said people in public should “treat others with consideration and respect”, a principle his government adheres to.

He added: “Clearly, the actions accused are unacceptable and it is absolutely right, absolutely right, that a gentleman of righteous honor has resigned.”

In his resignation letter on Tuesday, the South Staffordshire MP said he was resigning from the Cabinet “in full compliance with the ongoing appeals process and so that any wrongdoing can be removed from my name”.

Downing Street did not deny that Snak had been informed of allegations of bullying against Williamson by former Tory Speaker Sir Jake Berry. . . details of the private discussion”.

Number 10 added that stripping Williamson of his knighthood “would not be Sunak’s decision because there is a formal process called the Forfeiture Commission.” prize. “

Meanwhile, Sunak was also attacked by several Labor MPs because of his personal wealth. Liam Byrne, former chief secretary of the Treasury Department, asked: . . doing very little for the poorest people in Britain? “

Carl Turner, MP of Kingston Upon Hull East Asked Whether Sunak ‘or many members of his household’, if unwell, will seek NHS or private health care. In response, Sunak said, “We will make sure everyone gets the care they need.”

https://www.ft.com/content/3c64214d-05cb-4bba-ba70-b4da57c489bb Rishi Snack says he regrets Gavin Williamson’s appointment

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