Ricky Knox lives after Tandem and why some start – ups ‘deserve death’

Episode six of the UKTN Podcast out now. This week’s guest is Ricky Knox, a serial entrepreneur who founded and co – founded fintech companies including Tandem Bank, Azimo and Small Word Financial Services.

During the show, Knox recalls his time at Tandem, explains why he resigned as CEO last year and shares more about the start – ups he is now building and investing in.

“It’s almost like parting with your child,” Knox said as he resigned as CEO. “People will probably have to do it at some point.”

Knox tells UKTN Podcast host Mark McDonagh about the early days of Tandem – back when fintech UK was in its infancy – and a banking license application in 2014, around the same time as rivals Atom Bank, Starling and Monzo.

Knox also sheds light on the 2017 Tandem marketing that fell apart, when the Chinese owners of House of Fraser arrived drew £ 29m from a £ 35m investment due to concerns that the Chinese government would reject the agreement – despite it having already been signed.

Knox, an old man on the UK fintech platform, shares some of his views and learning from his previous ventures.

It explains why the most successful market is not always the first place, giving the example of Google as a “late entrant” in the search engine market.

“There are a lot of opportunities for the second and third movements but there are also people who have missed the wave, I think,” Knox said. “And the challenge then is less capital flowing in – most people are focusing on the way out.”

Knox also explains why some businesses have failed – “I love entrepreneurs’ supporters, but I think businesses sometimes die” – and why he is “happy” when he’s not in “the wrong business”. .

To find out all this and get more insight into topics such as finance, marketing and sales, listen to the latest episode of UKTN Podcasts now.

You can listen to all of this and more in the latest episode of The UKTN podcast here.

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Ricky Knox lives after Tandem and why some start – ups ‘deserve death’

Source link Ricky Knox lives after Tandem and why some start – ups ‘deserve death’

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