Ricky Gervais blames celebrities in “lectures” when commenting on the Golden Globe Awards

Ricky Gervais Talked about his history of hosting Golden Globe Awards He then discussed how the public’s view of celebrities has changed over the last decade.

I used to be 60 years old Condemned “Millionaire Celebrities” to Lecture People While NHS Saves LifeWhen he first took on the job, people explained that he was not happy to blame the rich and famous.

However, recently, the opinions of fans have been shaken, and it seems that they are siding especially from Ricky’s point of view. Since his bitter speech in 2020.

Ricky, who said the 2022 awards ceremony could be the “last ceremony,” explains: Do you talk to these beautiful people like that? We love celebrities.

Ricky Gervais shares his thoughts on the 2022 Golden Globe Awards

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“Up to the last one was like,’God, give them it, we hate celebrities!'”

He continued: “I know what it is. With all of austerity and people’s suffering, they think,” Why are these people lectureting me? Are they going to the awards ceremony in a limousine and telling me to recycle? “

“People were sick of it, sick of virtue signaling, and they were like beacons aiming at their anger.”

Ricky said the public was sick "Virtue signaling"
Ricky said the public is fed up with “Virtue signaling”

“People with nothing were tired of taking lectures from people who had everything,” he added. Sun.

Next, Ricky explained how he tried to maintain a “lower position” because his work as a comedian traditionally meant that he had to be a “clown”.

After he made a fortune on various projects like Netflix’s After Life, it’s difficult for people to have a relationship with him, but he goes out and acts “like a slob”, and others do it. Than he said he would keep it a reality by talking about how to “better”.

Ricky said he was trying to keep "Low status" By acting "Like a slob"
Ricky said he was trying to maintain a “lower status” by acting “like a slob”.

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“I wear bad jeans and a bad T-shirt and drink beer from a can. It reminds me that I’m one of them, I shouldn’t be here, I’m lucky,” he said. Said.

Ricky added: I talk about what they are better than me. I’m fat, old, and bald. I will die in front of them. I have a bad back. I will talk about everything that is bad for me. “

In his speech at the 2020 Awards Show, Ricky began by sharing his true thoughts on the Golden Globe Awards. .. But not. You need to drag for 3 hours.

Ricky Gervais
Ricky warns celebrities not to give “political speeches”

Enjoying the award ceremony, Ricky continued. “Instead of watching this show, you can take a quick look at the entire first season of After Life. It’s a show about a man who wants to commit suicide because his wife died of cancer. It’s more fun.”

He finished his speech with a warning to the winners, adding: .. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time at school than Greta Thunberg. “

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Ricky Gervais blames celebrities in "lectures" when commenting on the Golden Globe Awards

Source link Ricky Gervais blames celebrities in "lectures" when commenting on the Golden Globe Awards

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