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Television moderator Richard Othman has revealed that he has been suffering from food addiction since childhood, and will do so for the rest of his life.

Ottoman spoke on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, saying he wanted to blame the shame surrounding addiction and opened up about his own actions.

The pointless presenter said putting himself there was a “difficult journey”, but it feels so much that he tries to be happier.

Ottoman is a television host and best-selling author

“Since I was nine, I’ve never had a day when I wasn’t thinking about food issues and how they would affect me,” he said.

“And it will be with me for the rest of my life, I know it. I either control it or not at any time, and recently I Controls it more often than I don’t.

“But it’s actually pretty hard because I have to eat, and sometimes I slip, but I’ll do my best. People who now think they’re overeating or ridiculous at home are embarrassed. I don’t like it. I divorced it.

“It’s a difficult journey and it doesn’t come to my mind naturally, but the more I try it, the happier it is.”

At a certain stage, the 51-year-old had a successful career as a survivor on a reality show, and even though he wrote on the quiz show, “I got the news from you,” he felt “no direction.” Explained that he experienced particular difficulties in. Anyway, at that time.

“I think it was all that I thought was necessary, or something that would make everything okay, because my career was going well, I was successful, and I had kids. I didn’t do anything, “he added.

“And as I got older, I noticed that I was a little out of direction and took a variety of addictive behaviors.”

He regrets that food addictions do not have the same “depressing charm of drugs and alcohol,” but he considers them “identical.”

“It’s just liquor, but food … the secret of consuming these things, the shame behind it.”

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But Ottoman says it’s “incredibly difficult” to quit alcohol and drugs, but you can separate them from your life, but because food is essential, work on his additions. He said it was impossible to be “tricky”.

Ottoman is also the best-selling author of two criminal novels set in the retired community, including Thursday’s murder club, which has been adopted as a movie.

Richard Othman: TV host talks about the “difficult journey” of food addiction | Ent & Arts News

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