RHOC’s Kelly Dodd sent prizes to fans who “win” the contest in anticipation that Megan King will split into his new husband, Cuff Byden Owens.

The real housewife of Orange County’s Alum, Kelly Dodd, sent prizes to fans who “win” the contest to predict the division of Megan King. The sun can be revealed exclusively.

Only two months after their gorgeous wedding- President -Megan, 37, and her new husband, Cuff by Den Owens, Horrifying Called to stop it..


RHOC alum Kelly Dodd talked about her thoughts on Megan King’s sudden divorce.Credits: Patreon unmasked Rick & Kelly


Megan King revealed earlier Monday that she was divorced from her new husband, Cuff Byden Owens.Credit: Instagram


President Joe Biden’s nephew married a reality star at a spectacular ceremony in OctoberCredits: Instagram / meghanking


Kelly is currently hosting a Patreon podcast with her husband Rick Levental.Credits: Rick & Kelly Patreon’s unmasked podcast

Following the collapse of the bomb, former Megan co-star Kelly, 46, and her husband Rick Levental, Exclusively to the sun, they both said sorry to hear about the end of “very sorry” High profile marriage..

But they were “sick” in the situation, but Bravo star and Fox News reporters admitted that “neither of us was surprised.”

The pair explained: Patreon.com’s Rick & Kelly Unmasked Podcast Immediately after she tied the knot in October, we two predicted that it wouldn’t last long.

“How new was their relationship and how short their engagement was.”

Kelly and Rick then said: “At the October show, Kelly predicted that Megan’s marriage would only last” a year and a half. ” [Rick] It was predicted to be “less than a year”.

“Then we started an instant contest and asked Patreon subscribers to participate by email.

“One of them wrote to us with the speculation of a victory of” less than six months. “We are sending to her Rick & Kelly not masked hat.

“This may sound bad, but based on our own experience, we weren’t ruthless, just unrealistic.

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They further showed their support for the former RHOC star, adding:

Kelly also revealed that she would contact her three mothers this morning to provide support, and Megan “shared how difficult this was for her.”

In their next episode Patreon podcast Coming out this week Rick & Kelly not masked, The duo discusses more topics.

Meghan and Kelly starred together in Orange County’s Real Housewife during Seasons 11, 12, and 14.

Earlier today, Meghan confirmed that she broke up with her new husband just two months after she got married.

“I’m rattling”

On Monday, the reality star shared a message on her Instagram story and revealed the news.

The post says: “I have been asked by many retailers and individuals to comment on my marriage.

“I’m rattling. This situation is very devastating. It’s clear that this wasn’t what I had imagined when I made the vow. And I was shocked and shocked by what happened. I’m sad.

“We are moving forward with our children as we personally deal with our pain and begin to let go of our shattered dreams.”

She concluded that: “At this time, when I navigate this labyrinth of sorrow with my family, I seek your elegance and kindness.”

Shocking collapse

last week, Page 6. TV star broke the news Sudden division from Nephew of President Joe Biden Only two months after getting married.

One source claimed that Megan “said to say goodbye to a friend.”

The two contacts have not responded to the publication for comment.

The president’s nephew and Bravostar announced they would date back to September, and just a month later they said “I will.”

The two vowed at a small ceremony of about 50 guests, including uncle and aunt President Biden and Jill Biden.


Cuff and Megan tie a knot in front of friends and family-including President Joe Biden [not pictured]Credits: Instagram / jeremyjfraser


Meghan and Kelly starred together in RHOC seasons 11 and 12Credit: NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via
RHOC’s Megan King admits that she suffers from “anxiety and depression” in a new clip after “split from her husband’s Cuff Owens.”

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RHOC’s Kelly Dodd sent prizes to fans who “win” the contest in anticipation that Megan King will split into his new husband, Cuff Byden Owens.

Source link RHOC’s Kelly Dodd sent prizes to fans who “win” the contest in anticipation that Megan King will split into his new husband, Cuff Byden Owens.

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