RHOC’s Ester Dee spills on plans for a promise to Glynn after engagement speculation

Esther Dee frankly opened up a ritual plan for her promise to her beauty Grin one day.

former Chesher’s real housewife Star, 37, evoked speculation that she and Grin, 55, were engaged around Christmas when they showed off their stunning diamond ring in a photo on her Instagram page earlier this month.

Black and white snaps hold her hand over her face to show off her striking bling and see Esther smiling.

She wrote in the caption: “Big girls need big diamonds. Thank you, Mr. Dee. You are a diamond yourself.”

Ester Dee shares her hope of performing a promised ritual with beau Glynn

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However, she later claimed that “we were not involved,” followed by a blinking emoji.

In an exclusive interview with now understood!Esther claimed she wasn’t engaged, but hoped to someday perform a promised ritual with her man.

She spilled. “By the way, my Christmas present was the ring I showed off.

“I couldn’t show it because I was worried that everyone would say,’Oh, they’re engaged.’ Anyway, they were saying that! I’m not engaged. Green …

Esther evoked speculation about her engagement by showing off her Christmas present from Grin.
Esther and Grin’s ceremonies take place on the beach, she says

“I don’t know if I’m sure I’m planning to get married in the future. Last year I was talking about a promised ritual on the beach. It’s not legal, but it’s going to be official.

“But since the divorce isn’t over, I think Grin’s side needs to be tidied up, so he wants to do it when he’s completely free. I’m impatient and give him a lot of money Will take!

“If he does it within 10 years, he’ll have an unlimited ring, so it’s better to get engaged now than later, but I don’t care!”

Esther admitted that she was “impatient” about getting engaged

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When asked about the promised ritual plan, Esther said: “The beach,” he said: “No, it needs to be a place like the Caribbean,” and I just want it by the beach, I like all the lovely flowers.

“I told him, so I don’t know who we’re inviting.’.”

Esther added that the celebration was “probably small” and “it’s not a big ceremony. I didn’t wear a white dress at the first wedding, so I see a beautiful sunny day in a white dress. I have a wedding ring. I didn’t have a cake, I didn’t have a girl’s dream.

“And I think Grin wears a cream suit, but definitely I’m very desperate to wear a white dress.”

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RHOC's Ester Dee spills on plans for a promise to Glynn after engagement speculation

Source link RHOC's Ester Dee spills on plans for a promise to Glynn after engagement speculation

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