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Responses from charities are modest as the government pledges £ 1.6bn as part of a new disability strategy.UK news

The government has announced a new national strategy on disability, stating that it will provide the UK’s 14 million people with disabilities with more accessible housing, easier commuting and better work prospects.

This strategy, which includes 100 pledges and £ 1.6 million in funding, was announced by a survey of more than 14,000 individuals, but disability activists and charities have been consulted in creating it. And many of the questions said it wasn’t appropriate for the purpose.

“The whole survey was too long and the questions were poorly structured. There was one question that I thought was totally inappropriate about relationships,” said Andrew Hodgson, president of the British National Federation of Blinds.

Campaign officials said the investigation was not properly considered and consulted.

“Basically, I was asking if I had a relationship with people with disabilities,” he added.

“They were probably worried about trying to get information about accepting people with disabilities, but that’s not the way to do it.”

Disability rights activist Doug Pauly called the question about relationships strange, but said he wasn’t the only one who thought he was wrong in the investigation.

He and three others have been granted permission to conduct a judicial review.

“This study was fundamentally broken in that it was only online, which had already eliminated many disabled people who did not have meaningful access to the Internet only.

Andrew Hodgson said the investigation was too long and was built by badley
Andrew Hodgson said the study was too long and poorly structured.

“It wasn’t written with or by people with disabilities, so the topic it was looking at seemed very arbitrary.

“It was very closed and almost every question was multiple-choice. There was a very free text to write what you really felt,” Pauly said.

The government defended the strategy and called it one of the biggest listening exercises.

“We have held workshops and forums. We wanted to create this document last year, but of course we were late because of COVID, but we were out of control and where in fact We had an extensive consultation to ask if they had experienced it. There are barriers to society. “

“Government needs to set an example, and it truly supports how we can collectively help remove these barriers so that everyone can lead a completely independent life. You can focus on between. “

Some of the practical steps the strategy sets are discussions on the company’s workforce reporting on the number of people with disabilities employed by more than 250 staff.

Doug Pauly has been granted judicial review of the investigation
Doug Paulley has been granted permission to conduct a judicial review of the investigation

The government also states that it will increase the number of persons with disabilities employed by MI5, MI6, GCHQ, reserve and civilian forces by 2030.

However, Kamran Mallick, CEO of Disability Rights UK, states that there is not enough emphasis on the quality of work and career advancement of persons with disabilities.

“It’s data on salaries and wages to make sure people with disabilities aren’t hired solely for entry-level jobs, not just in the number they hire, but anywhere in the hierarchy they hire, but people with disabilities are promoted. And now it’s the role of Senator, the role of decision making, the influential position. “

Responses from charities are modest as the government pledges £ 1.6bn as part of a new disability strategy.UK news

Source Responses from charities are modest as the government pledges £ 1.6bn as part of a new disability strategy.UK news

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