Republicans see the CDC’s policy change as a “big political loser for Democrats.”

The Republican National Campaign Arms Demonstrated as Part of Their Strategy to Reclaim House and Senate in November November By-Elections A new impetus to emphasize policy When dealing with voters, especially in the swing states and counties near the U.S.-Mexico border. Policy change has also taken place Shot in the foreground In individual campaigns, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s attempt to defeat former MP Beto O’Rourke’s challenge.

This effort demonstrates a broad Republican belief that Title 42’s decision could draw voters ‘attention to one of Democrats’ political vulnerabilities – immigration – and help them secure state houses, regain control of Congress, and overturn the president’s agenda for the next two years. Years.

Lawmakers and Republican strategists are openly discussing the link between policy change and other problems associated with voter border crossings, from fentanyl and other drug smuggling to violent crime and the spread of communicable diseases other than Covid.

“This is a massive political defeat for Democrats,” said Zac Rodeim, a Virginia-based GOP strategist who works on campaigns across the country. “In border countries, we have the opportunity to talk about it in a localized way, because it is very relevant for these topics. And in places like Colorado where we have a lot of chamber and senate races, there has been a lot of debate about fentanyl sentencing, so we can combine it. Indeed, wherever you are, it addresses security issues, which independent voters cite as one of their main concerns. ”

This issue also appeared in the Capitol.

Senate Republicans blocked it Tuesday $ 10 billion in aid to Covid Move forward until you get a vote of confidence in the amendment that restores the 42-step title that Democrat leaders want to avoid as it highlights a rift within their group over the issue. In the dead end, the ward Punctual review of critical funding After a two-week break from Congress.

“I am sure [Democrats] “I do not want to vote for him, because it could affect whether they will be senators in the future,” Sen said. Mike Brown (R-Ind.), One of the MPs asking to vote on the amendment in exchange for the approval of Covid’s assistance.

You. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), Which backs the extra Covid money, agreed with Brown’s assessment and called the title 42 a “kryptonite” for Democrats. Over the past week, several Democrats from Swing State, many of whom fought for re-election in November, joined Republicans On the bill Which will maintain the restriction for at least 60 days after the federal government suspends the national emergency declaration for Covid-19.

Dozens of Republicans, led by the Conservative Freedom Group in Parliament, came out Wednesday to demand a vote to restore the 42nd title, arguing that it would “protect all Americans from the Biden border crisis.” There are other Republicans At the request of supervisory hearings.

Many Democrats argue that these are attacks of bad faith that hinder Covid’s key assistance, while hundreds of Americans still die every day from the virus.

“They are attacking President Biden on the border and immigration and saying he is doing nothing, then spinning for the abolition of the 42nd title and saying he needs to restore what he was doing because he was working,” he said. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas). “They can not do it both ways.”

But some Democrat strategists fear that the White House – promising to end its policies in May – will give Republicans an easy talk ahead of a historically difficult election for the presidential party.

“The lack of political details poses great political challenges to our party,” said John Labombard, ROKK Solutions’ political strategist and recent senior senator. Kirsten Cinema (D-Ariz.). “The administration has a real opportunity to ensure that when Title 42 is removed, there is a plan that goes beyond lip service. “The fact that we are seeing a growing number of Democrats and Republicans in the frontier state speak louder and louder tells me that such a plan does not currently exist.”

Democratic lawmakers, public health experts, and immigration advocates have long argued that the policy is illegal and is doing nothing to stop the spread of Covid-19. They say it is an anti-immigration measure that deprives migrants of the right to seek asylum under international law. More than 1.7 million migrants have been deported to the United States since its enactment in 2020, the vast majority under President Joe. Biden.

The CDC announced on April 1 that it would end the deportation of migrants on May 23 and said that their entry into the U.S. immigration system would no longer pose a threat to the health of Americans as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations decline.

The announcement coincided with a request from the Biden administration for Congress to raise billions more to boost Covid-19 testing, vaccine supplies and therapies, as well as their warnings that the highly contagious Omicron subtype BA.2 is spreading rapidly in the US – mixed message Republicans. Quickly highlighted.

“It’s completely insane for the administration to say they are concerned about Covid, meanwhile they have decided to open the door to illegal aliens who are Covid positive,” Sen said. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told POLITICO. “it does not matter.”

You. Bob Menendez, Which calls for the completion of Title 42, says such attacks are unscrupulous. “The CDC has softened many pandemic orders over the past few months,” he told POLITICO. “Republicans who have openly opposed public health measures such as the Masks Mandate are clearly in favor of Title 42 because they view it as an immigration restriction.”

The GOP is also taking the matter to federal court.

April 3 Republican prosecutors in Arizona, Missouri and Louisiana Sued the Biden administration To terminate the order, alleging that he had violated the administrative procedural act due to non-compliance with the required comment and notification process. They argued that the repeal of the order threatened countries at the expense of a potential increase in migration, and called it an “obviously war.” with Other Government Covid-19 Protocols.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich will run for the Senate in November.

“Every state is now a border state,” Schmidt told POLITICO. “The flow of illicit drugs, such as fentanyl and the trafficking and smuggling of people across borders, is affecting every state in the Biden administration’s porous borders and weak border policies.”

On Thursday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that he also intends to challenge the CDC order within the APA.

Christopher Hayek, Washington, director of litigation at the Institute for Immigration Reform Law and an outside adviser to the state of Texas, told the POLITICO administration that the decision to end Title 42 is “arbitrary and capricious” and contradicts the other. Covid mitigation mandates.

“The number of people coming in will be amazing,” Hajek said. “The best way to get things done is to let a lot of people in.”

To argue that a federal pandemic mitigation measure should remain is for all four attorneys to go, Who sued the Biden administration over the vaccine and mask mandates.

Brnovich declined to comment. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

If the courts decide in favor of the states in both cases, this could lead to a difficult legal battle.

Last month, the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled for the DC Circuit that it was illegal for the administration to use Title 42 to repatriate migrant families to areas where they may have been persecuted and tortured. If the CDC is instructed to pursue the title by 42 other courts, the ACLU, which represented the families in the DC case, has stated that it will oppose that decision.

No matter what the outcome, GOP strategists say the Republican campaign reflects what voters want and will grow in the coming weeks. Last Morning Consult-POLITICO survey Surveys by Morning Consult show that 56 per cent of voters disagreed with Biden’s decision to enter politics, making him the least popular political decision to date.

“When I heard that the administration was going to stop Title 42, my first thought was, ‘When you’re in the pit, stop digging,'” said GOP pollster Whit Ayres. “The administration is incredibly vulnerable to the whole issue of immigration. As far back as a year ago, when Joe Biden had a majority approval, his approval of immigration was about 40 percent. This last step throws kerosene on the fire. “

Republicans see the CDC’s policy change as a “big political loser for Democrats.”

Source link Republicans see the CDC’s policy change as a “big political loser for Democrats.”

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