Republican Rep. Jim Banks criticized the first transgender admiral for calling him a “man.”

Republican Jim Banks counterattacks after Rachel Levine becomes the first in the country Transgender A four-star admiral who called her a “man” and was disappointed by the “little girl.”

NS Indiana Republican remarks have sparked a backlash.

Biden’s appointed man, Levine, became the head of the United States Public Health Service Commission and became the highest transgender officer in the United States. She will also continue her position as Assistant Secretary of Health and Welfare at the US Department of Health and Human Services.

“The title of the first female four-star official is taken away by men,” the bank tweeted in response to the news.

“Calling a living man a four-star officer of the first” woman “who was born as a man for 54 years is an insult to all the girls who dream of breaking the glass ceiling someday,” he later said. I am writing in a tweet.

Levine, 63, will lead a force of approximately 6,000 public health professionals in response to public health crises, such as the administration of COVID vaccines and national emergencies on behalf of the federal government.

Levine has never served as a sailor, but the Assistant Secretary of Health can be ranked as Admiral if he is also an officer in the USPHS Commission uniform.

According to Indister, LGBTQ Victory Institute executive director Ruben Gonzalez argued that Banks’ remark was “an insult to all girls who dream of America, where civil servants respect them and judge by their achievements.” ..

Some Twitter users called this statement “transphobia.”

“@RepJimBanks is so transphobic … why?” Written one user.

“Why do you care and what is the solution to the problem? How many” little girls “we investigated to determine the POV? Another user wrote accordingly.

“One of the things women really like is that men teach us what we think,” another person writes.

Rachel Levine, 63, will lead a unit of approximately 6,000 public health professionals in response to the public health crisis.

“The title of the first female general is taken away by men,” Jim Banks tweeted in response to the news.

Donald Trump Jr. defended Republicans in support of Trump.

‘OUT: Follow science. IN: The biological fact is “transphobia,” Trump Jr. wrote with a clown emoji. The bank has retweeted the tweet.

President Biden nominated Levine high in January and continued his pattern of choosing slate of historically diverse leaders as senior management.

A professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at Pennsylvania State Medical University, as the state’s highest health authority, led Pennsylvania’s response to the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

In a statement, Biden said, “Gives the steady leadership and essential expertise people need to overcome this pandemic, regardless of zip code, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. Would be. “

She then made history in March and became the first transgender federal official confirmed by the US Senate.

Prior to being appointed Admiral of the USPHS Commission, Levine was Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Governor Tom Wolf has appointed his deputy director, Alison Beam, to take over public health status.

Born in Massachusetts in 1957 as Richard Levine, Levine attended a private boys’ school on the outskirts of Boston. She spoke openly about her transition and remembered from an early age that “I knew I wanted to be a girl, or I was a girl, or a woman.”

Levine started treatment about 20 years ago and slowly began to grow her hair, appearing to colleagues, students, patients, friends and family.

According to her, she completed her transition in 2013 after undergoing sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy. PennLive..

Levine pointed out that her appointment was an “extraordinary honor” and the immense importance of her work as the world continued to fight the COVID pandemic.

Prior to the transition, Levine married Martha Peesley while at Tulane and started her family. She is reportedly close to her ex-wife, who divorced in 2013, and her two adult children, Danya and David.

It’s difficult to move from one gender to another, especially in the 50s, “Rachel Levine said. Washington post.. “But it was very rewarding.”

“I am very confident about who I am.”

In 2017, she was named to NBC Out’s National # Pride30 list for her influence on the LGBTQ community.

Republican Rep. Jim Banks criticized the first transgender admiral for calling him a “man.”

Source link Republican Rep. Jim Banks criticized the first transgender admiral for calling him a “man.”

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