Repair shop Jay Blaze reveals the secret life of homelessness, fighting and racial abuse

BBC repair shop star Jay Blaze reveals his secret life of homelessness, fighting and racial abuse.

JayHer mother, Barbara Blade, moved to England from Barbados at the age of 13 and raised him and his brother himself after welcoming Jay at the age of 18.


Jay Blaze has published a new autobiography about his secret life of homelessness, fighting and racial abuse.Credits: BBC / Ricochet Ltd / Steve Peskett

She lived with her mother, who had an unpleasant man in her life at the time, and when he heard that Barbara was unmarried and pregnant, he kicked her out of the house.

The 51-year-old star has revealed his first home as the baby has become a refuge for a homeless mother.

He had a rigorous upbringing in Islington, North London, but Jay was in trouble at school when an older white boy gang began to pick him and his Indian friends.

He explained: “My mother looked at me in tears, especially after a terrible beating. I told her a big boy hit me, and she stared at me.

Jay was portrayed with his mother Barbara when he was a boy


Jay was portrayed with his mother Barbara when he was a boyCredit: twitter @jay_n_co

“Since then, if anyone wants a fight, I’m going to give them a fight. If someone pushes me, racists, or bullies my friends, I’m I was going to take them.

“Highbury Grove is divided into three streams each year. I was in the“ L ”class — L is a learner, L is a loser, and L is a licensed anarchy. I didn’t learn one thing and didn’t expect it. The only reason I came to school, fought and had a free dinner. “

By the end of his time at school, Jay, who had achieved U grades in all subjects, was told by his career advisor that he was “useless.”

Within a few years he became the eldest son Levi and dad, but after falling with the mother of his child, he arrived at the street.

While living in a Salvation Army hostel for homeless Jay’s dad, he contacted him and revealed that he had 24 siblings.

Celebrity Money Four Nothing Models Caprice and Jay


Celebrity Money Four Nothing Models Caprice and JayCredits: BBC handouts

Writing a new book MakingIt: Love, kindness, how the community helped restore my life Mail on Sunday, He states:

“In exchange for my help, they put a roof over my head to feed me. I was always half a glass broke, so I wondered,” Sure, why? ” I did.

“Honestly, I didn’t know what I was volunteering for at first. I knew it was a homeless center, so I stayed for a while, but this place was different. With a complete eye. Did-the opener and it blew my heart away.

“This was a big step from the homeless center I’ve seen before. It’s a hostel full of people who gave up on society, family, hygiene, life, mostly older men and who have nothing at all. They didn’t have anything, but many were still able to laugh and make jokes.

“I thought I was doing something wrong and my life wasn’t going well. When I stepped into the Kyrenia, I got a whole new perspective. Compared to these poor people, I Was the king. “

Steven Fletcher, Will Kirk, Jay Blades, Susie Fletcher, Repair Shop


Steven Fletcher, Will Kirk, Jay Blades, Susie Fletcher, Repair ShopCredit: BBC

Jay eventually went to college and met his first wife, Jade. Jade founded two charities, Street Dreams and Out of the Dark, to help young people fail in their education system.

He began teaching them how to restore furniture, which was to appear on Channel 4’s Kirsty’s homemade Christmas on television, but at the same time his marriage to Jade had collapsed.

Jay noticed that he wasn’t in love with his wife. He said they couldn’t work together if they weren’t married anymore.

He soon became homeless again and thought of taking his life after handing everything over to his wife who was with his daughter Zora.

Natalie and Jay, customers who brought in a violin to restore


Natalie and Jay, customers who brought in a violin to restoreCredit: BBC

He said: “It was too much internal pressure to deal with and I couldn’t do it.

“One night in April 2015, I just snapped. Something inside me broke. It was like an out-of-body experience. I told her I passed Jade. I saw it. I didn’t know where I was — I just got in the car and got into my favorite old, tattered BMW and started driving.

“I turned on the M40 and didn’t go anywhere, so I felt like I was heading for a tunnel. The headlights of the car coming in the opposite direction were walls.

“I had half the idea of ​​driving into one of the concrete bridge stanchions, but there were barriers around it. Instead, I turned off on a random slide, parked in a retail center parking lot, and drove. I fell asleep at my seat.

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“I don’t know how many days I stayed in that parking lot. Maybe 3 days. Maybe 4 days. Maybe 5 days. I ate a hamburger, did nothing, and sat in front of the car without feeling anything.

“I’m not sure, but I must have got out of the car and walked around someday. I was in Wolverhampton, which I had never visited, so I had no connection at all.”

Jay continued to build his furniture restoration business there, called Jay & Company.

His first television appearance was alongside Kirstie Allsopp, but over the years he has many stints as well as appearing in Money For Nothing, and now The Repair Shop this morning.

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Repair shop Jay Blaze reveals the secret life of homelessness, fighting and racial abuse

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