Remodeling signals need to take serious action to level up

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Cabinet reshuffles are the most commonly seen information. Aside from the politically responsible ministerial dismissal, they present the most annoying problem in Downing Street.

Looked like that Boris Johnson Shake Up It provides two important clues to the state of mind of Downing Street. First, he recognizes the need to turn level-up from a slogan into a compelling action plan. And second, he needs to rebuild his party and some bridges.

Other changes may generate more headlines, but an important move is the appointment of Michael Gove as Community and Housing Secretary with a particular focus on the level-up agenda. Whatever criticism of Gove’s politics, Johnson is considered the most effective and powerful minister who is most likely to turn what was previously an ambiguous slogan into a detailed strategy. Gove has become a dependable minister for Johnson’s key strategic agenda, and his appointment has shown the prime minister’s concern that his high expectations need to be turned into tangible results.

Gove is also currently responsible for reform planning. Furious Tory lawmaker And it raised concerns about alienating voters in the South. The first pass in this was identified by former strategist Dominic Cummings. Dominic Cummings has sparked a congressional backlash with the concept of a centrally devised algorithm that nullifies local concerns. Gove’s job here is to find a way to meet the government’s commitment to homebuilding without losing backbenchers. By maintaining responsibility for the coalition, Gove currently faces some of the most difficult challenges for the government.

Elsewhere, the theme is more direct elimination of debt.rear Desperate spell in education, Gavin Williamson was clearly a dead man walking. Gove’s predecessor, Robert Jenrick, not only was hurt by a scandal against Tory donors, but also carried a can for unsuccessful planning reforms.Dominic Raab has long lost support His mishandling of Afghanistan withdrawal, But it sealed his destiny. He stays in the cabinet with less of the Attorney General’s role in the fig leaf of his appointment to the deputy prime minister’s pointless role.

Of the widely-tiped ministers, only Home Secretary Priti Patel survives. This is because many of the Vitriols aimed at her come from outside the party, not from within the party.

Others went mainly because their time was considered over.Amanda Milling was unpredictable as Tory’s chairman was underpowered Chesham and Amersham by-elections defeated.. Lord High Chancellor Robert Buckland did not have such a black mark, but it was a consumable item and went to facilitate the movement of Rab.

Finally, Johnson advanced the party’s favorites. Most obvious is the new foreign secretary, Liz Truss. She impressed Johnson with the enthusiastic pursuit of trade agreements and is recognized by activists as one of the few cabinets ready to fight for the ideals of the free market. An avid Atlanticist and Chinese hawk, Truss helps build a bridge in Washington while her time as a trade secretary gives her diplomatic grounds.

Nadine Dorries, a new cultural secretary and early supporter of Johnson, will also please activists as an enthusiastic assailant of the metropolitan media and a pursuit of cultural warfare. The transition from Oliver Dowden’s culture to party chair is a sign that Johnson sees the party organization as in need of reform.

There is a dog that didn’t bark at the end. Not surprisingly, the militant threat to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been nullified.The prime minister may be suspicious His ambitious neighbor But his focus is not on the functioning part, but on the non-functioning part of his government.

Remodeling signals need to take serious action to level up

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