Relieved by Covid Tier 3 decision in Manchester, but still a “victory” for the mayor | UK News

WManchester residents were reassured that the area would eventually receive a decision on whether to enter the Tier 3 blockade, but most would not be able to sign a government agreement with local leaders. Did not consider it a failure.

When Mayor Andy Burnham held a press conference outside the Bridgewater Hall, Steve Steinsberg, who appeared in “the last few pints before drawing the drawbridge,” said he was “not a worker.” , Was with Burnham. All the way.

“I think there was just a big commitment at the northern national level, and now is the time to prove: is it true, isn’t it? After all, who do you believe in: feet on the ground? Locals who have stepped in, or nationals who appear to be working on different sets of numbers? “He said.

Tom Page, 23, of Chorton, a 23-year-old with many independent bars in the lush suburbs of southern Manchester, said he believed the situation was “political” for the mayor. “Manchester people have no choice but to stand with Burnham, so the progress made by the Tories in the last election has been lost.”


Due to the latest restrictions, Chorlton Tap, with Page as assistant manager, will be closed due to insufficient demand for pub food from patrons. While waiting for the Tier 3 decision, the staff had already stopped ordering inventory such as real ale and it was good to know at least what was happening.

But according to Page, the lack of a solution to the hospitality staff’s furlough plan would be bitter to swallow, “when you look at how much the government has spent on tracking and tracking.

“If we only look at the time shortened since the blockade was relaxed, we don’t know how they calculate it in zero hours.”

The general consensus in the field was that greater limits were needed to control the incidence of coronavirus, but many people follow their rules, or others in the area. He said he saw a clear break in the current blockade.

Most obvious, people weren’t sticking to “practical” bans because it was “impossible” to force a mix of households in indoor locations like pubs.

Aiden Clarkson: “I think I’m willing to do the right thing.” Photo: Christopher Thomond / Guardian

Outside of Old Trafford’s home, information governance officer Aiden Clarkson, 33, who also helped Burnham, thought the Manchester people were “wise,” but the government since the Dominic Cummings incident. He said he did not fully comply with the rules of.

“When my wife gave birth in August, my mother and dad moved for two weeks. They shielded three weeks ago, but that wasn’t within the guidelines,” he said. He wasn’t sure how people in more volatile situations would deal with the tougher socialization measures, but added, “I think I’m willing to do the right thing.”

When I went to buy vegetables at Bassria Charles (43 years old) in Manchester Superstore, I agreed to the Tier 3 regulation because I “really need to be careful” to control the spread of the virus, but with him His family created their own system to ensure that they were asymptomatic before visiting each other at home.

Basria Charles:

Basri Acar: “Why are you six in a restaurant and not at home?” Photo: Christopher Thomond / Guardian

“That’s because the rules don’t make sense. Why aren’t you at home when you have six in a restaurant?” He said.

Bernice Brown, 64, who is shopping at the store, said she noticed visitors in the special care accommodations she lived in, even during the national blockade. ..

“Brutal”: Andy Burnham reacts to news of the government’s Tier 3 package live on television – video

“People want to follow the rules, but for many it’s very difficult. It’s hard when you can’t see your family and friends.”

“I feel like I can’t win,” she added. “Burnam is sticking for the poor, but as we talk about people’s health, it feels like the government needs to deal with it. People are dying.”

Relieved by Covid Tier 3 decision in Manchester, but still a “victory” for the mayor | UK News

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