Record label dropped allegations of assault, strong love for cannabis

They were the biggest pop sensations of the generation, with record sales worldwide of over 70 million and total net worth of over £ 250 million.

But five years after announcing the “indefinite hiatus,” the fate of One Direction’s five stars seemed to remain the same.


One Direction stars are suffering from a complex fate as the bands go on different pathsCredit: Getty

Harry Styles, 27, is the only musical success in the turmoil of his bandmate’s career.

Liam Payne, 28, This week separated from his management Amid growing concerns that his hard party is distracting from his solo career.

People close to the star say his relationship with his manager deteriorated after many behind-the-scenes incidents raised concerns about his actions and led them to warn him: “is enough”.

Liam admitted himself after his debut solo album didn’t live up to expectations, so he “hasn’t found a place for his music yet.”

For the strip that down singer, the latest blow after the relationship with singer Cheryl, 38, bCollapse in 2018It’s been a year since the birth of my son, Bear.

Liam Now dating model Maya Henry, 21, daughter of top US lawyer Thomas J Henry.

The news of his rift with KIN Partners, who represent superstars such as Neymar Jr., Usain Bolt and the legendary Spanish football club Real Madrid, is the latest blow to the boy band’s legacy.


A few weeks after Liam’s former co-star Zayn Malik, 28, Indicted with four counts of harassment in the United States Following a quarrel with his girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s mother, Yolanda.

He was accused of “pushing” a 57-year-old child into his dresser at home.

After rejecting the contest, he was given a 90-day probationary period for each of the four crimes and was ordered to complete an anger management class and a domestic violence program.

The sun was soon revealed He was then abandoned by his US record label RCA due to concerns about his future career.

Industry sources have told how his very strong love for cannabis has led people near him to be alert to his actions.

The incident with Yolanda erupted after his future appeared to have been hit by new turmoil after a long break from live performances and a well-documented fight against mental health issues.

The label’s chief was finally indignant and terminated the contract.

One industry insider explained: “Many people worked hard to get Zein’s life and career back on track, but nothing went wrong.

“Many people who worked with him just gave up. He’s almost impossible to control or guide.

“Some time ago, his record label quietly decided that it was the end of their relationship, and now this.”

And since Louis Tomlinson (29) and Niall Horan (28) couldn’t hit the charts seriously, the band’s highly lucrative heritage now feels distant.

Solo superstar Harry

He is the head of the A List Tree and has won countless awards and critic praise, along with Hollywood’s acting role and commercial success.

One Direction was gathered by Simon Cowell from five applicants and gained fame in 2010 with the X Factor at the pinnacle of the show’s power.

They have become the jewels of the empire of music mogul.

Fan hysteria prompted sold-out stadium tours, five studio albums, concert films, and successful merchandise around the world.

Zayn shocked fans around the world when he suddenly quit in 2015. Five months later, the remaining four announced that they would “pause” to carry out other projects.

The band’s most enthusiastic supporter, singer Louis, has proposed that the group split for 18 months, but after five years no resurrection is visible.

For Louis, attempts to recreate the band’s success as a solo artist have proven to be challenging so far, despite the acclaim of several critics.

He has also endured the turmoil of his love life after giving birth to a 28 year old baby American stylist Brianna Jungworth Following a short fling in 2016.

He has now rekindled his romance with his childhood friend Eleanor Calder, 29.

His debut solo album, Walls, released in January 2020, peaked at No. 4 in the UK and No. 9 across the pond.

But by that summer, he had left mentor Cowell’s Syco label and admitted that the sources admitting the partnership weren’t as fruitful as many wanted.

Louis has since signed a new deal with rival BMG, claiming that the second record is in the pipeline, but he also faces a raft of personal tragedy.

His 19 year old sister Ferisite died of accidental overdose two years agoOnly three years after his mother, Johanna, 42, died of leukemia.

Meanwhile, often labeled as the band’s most likable but quietest member by industry insiders, Niall is his passion for a highly successful golf management company co-founded with former band manager Modest. We are shifting more and more attention from music to work on the project.

His two studio albums proved the chart’s success on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and reached number one twice, but friends recognized his potentially lucrative appeal of entering the business and his He says he loves sports that dominate much of his free time.

One industry source said: “One Direction proves the old rule that joining a successful pop band does not guarantee that you will be a music superstar yourself.

“As Harry proves, it can be an incredible platform, and some people have what they need to be very successful: the” X Factor. “

“Everything he touches now seems to be turning into gold. Critics love him, the industry loves him, fans love him, and he’s flying higher than ever.

“But that means the chances of a 1D comeback aren’t imminent, even if it’s a dream move for some others.”

Meanwhile, Harry’s career has continued to flourish, with extraordinary success on his latest album, Fineline, with an estimated £ 75 to £ 80m in wealth.

It is second only to Ed Sheeran, Britain’s most successful male solo singing exporter, and continues to grow as it expands into fashion and Hollywood.

His advance into acting also landed him A well-known relationship with the respected director and actress Olivia WildeDespite the age difference of 37,10 years, people near the couple are getting more and more serious.

It’s typical of Harry’s star quality, says the people who worked with him.

“The bigger Harry, the more shadows he casts and the harder it is for others. Of course, it’s not personal and in most cases they’re still friends. But the truth is that they all have fallen apart over time.

“When you see Harry conquer the world, it’s easy to see how it’s done.”

Zayn Malik: £ 47m worth

Zayn Malik recently split with Gigi Hadid


Zayn Malik recently split with Gigi HadidCredit: INSTAGRAM / ZAYN MALIK

album: 3 (Charts 1, 77, 17)

single: 7 UK Top 40

Fashion Deals: Collection of Versus Versace, Kooples, Arnette, Penshoppe

child: Kai, 1

Dating history: During his time at The X Factor in 2011, Zayn dated fellow athlete Rebecca Ferguson. But it was short-lived. He then begged Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis for five months.

Hello Little Mix’s four-year relationship with Perrie Edwards Until 2015.

A few months later, he fell in love with supermodel Gigi Hadid and had a daughter in 2020. Two weeks ago, they were reported to have split.

Liam Payne: £ 47m

Liam Payne has Cheryl and her little son


Liam Payne has Cheryl and her little sonCredit: James Curley

album: 1 (Chart 17)

single: 6 UK Top 40

movie: I auditioned for Steven Spielberg but didn’t play a role

Fashion Deals: Hugo Boss face

child: Bare gray, 4

Dating history: Liam’s love life is mostly talked about thanks to his solo career. In 2016 he started dating former Girls Aloud Star Cheryl and in 2017 he welcomed his son Bear.

After splitting in 2018 he was linked to model Cairo Dwek And Naomi Campbell. He has had Maya Henry and on / off romance since 2019.

Niall Horan: £ 53m worth

Niall is the least noticeable and loves golf


Niall is the least noticeable and loves golfCredits: Getty Images-Getty

album: 2 (Charts 3, 1

single: 6 UK Top 40

child: 0

Fashion Deals: Omega watch

Dating history: Unlike some of the other members, Neil has obscured his personal life.

But over the years, he has been associated with a series of family names, including singers Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez, and Hailee Steinfeld.

Louis Tomlinson: £ 34m worth

Louis Tomlinson has a 5 year old son


Louis Tomlinson has a 5 year old sonCredit: Mega Agency

album: 1 (Chart 4)

single: 3 UK Top 40

Arrest: 1. Brought the photographer to the ground at LAX in 2017

child: Freddy, 5

TV Deals: £ 4m Jury at UKX Factor

Dating history: Louis dated Eleanor Calder after meeting through the One Direction management company in 2011. They were together for four years before splitting in early 2015. But two years later, they rekindled romance.

During a break from Eleanor Lewis, he met American stylist Brianna Jungworth and had a son, Freddie.

Harry Styles: £ 75m

Harry Styles is the best known and wealthiest in the group


Harry Styles is the best known and wealthiest in the groupCredits: Getty Images-Getty

album: 2 (Charts 1 and 2)

single: 6 UK Top 40s, 1 No1

award: Grammy Awards 1, British 2

movie: Dunkirk, don’t worry about darling, Eternals, my cop

Fashion Deals: Gucci

child: 0

Dating history: Harry, the heartbeat of the group, is associated with countless stars, including Taylor Swift. Emily Attack And Kendall Jenner. He is currently dating actress and director Olivia Wilde.

Harry Styles first sees a new movie directed by girlfriend Olivia Wilde and eavesdrops on Florence Pugh

Record label dropped allegations of assault, strong love for cannabis

Source link Record label dropped allegations of assault, strong love for cannabis

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