Record $ 1.7 Billion Revenue in AO World

Bolton-based AO.Com is located in the crew’s distribution center. Photographed by CEO John Roberts January 24, 2014 Photo courtesy of: Mark Biline always appreciates being linked to, if possible.

Bolton-based online electricity retailer AO World reports record income.

The transition to online retail as a result of the COVID-19 pandemicAnnual income Reach £ 1.66bn, 62% increase, This is due to the addition of 2 million new customers.

Fiscal Year Adjusted EBITDA 2021 (until 31st)st March) £ 63-72 metersSignificant increase from £ 19.6m 2020.

The· G listedloop Said it had “Capitalization About the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID Pandemic..

It also said The German business is expected to achieve occupancy profitability in the third quarter and generate profits this fiscal year...

“”During the period, gGovernment support was repaid or unclaimed and had no impact on profitability“The company said.

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John Roberts, AO fOwner and CEO, Said: “We are pleased to report on the remarkable progress in our finances, operations and strategies over the year.

“”The last 12 months have been unparalleled and we are very proud to meet our customers’ challenges. – – maintain Their lives are powered up with essential electrical and technical products.

“We were brave and bold in investing in capacity and infrastructure at the beginning of the year, and now we look forward to building on that scale advantage.

“I think the dynamics of these markets will continue. Uncertainty is inevitable, but there is a solid direction for AO and the business model we have built over the last 20 years.

“”We have opened a physical store and have made strict comparisons compared to last year, but we hope that it will continue to be a double-digit growth business in the future.

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Record $ 1.7 Billion Revenue in AO World

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