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Rebranding: Admirals’ Expanded Offering to Traders

Admirals’ 20th-anniversary celebrations point towards one thing, to survive in the fintech space, companies must adopt. The past decade has witnessed blockchain grow with the adoption of cryptocurrency now at a record pace that will not stop anytime soon. NFTs have also had their fair share of mainstream attention, points that suggest shifts in the fast dynamism of the financial space. To this effect, Fintech firms must adopt.

These shifts will probably increase in the next decade as the rest of the world catches up with the developed financial markets. Admirals is set to use the 20th-anniversary celebration to chart an alternative path, meaning more products and services for clientele. 2021 witnessed many adoptions in the financial space, albeit the raging pandemic a major concern. For a start are digital credit cards and UPI wallets, which create new ecosystems to accept many forms of payments. Furthermore, a notable fact is the metaverse; its potential disruption in the future provides a serious concern and more opportunities. Admirals will become flexible and integrate new trends as soon as they come out.

Why the Rebranding is a Gamechanger

Sudden changes in the financial space prompted by technology have impelled the development of a new digital card set to ease exchanges in the Admirals ecosystem called AM card. Visa supports the virtual card, making it a challenger for traditional physical cards. Customers will also have a physical version to back up the virtual card. Admirals is seeking to cement its position by moving away from pure brokerage background and tailoring its services to the entire financial needs of clients.

Adopting alternative names has traditionally achieved nothing. However, the new services added by Admirals sets to disapprove this fact. The company is keen on dropping the “markets” tag and remaining with Admirals, which is a catchy phrase that will appeal to the millennial who are now starting to appreciate the dynamics of the financial markets. The new name also means more fluidity, better customer services, and a modern look in the admiral native APP.

One feature of particular interest is Copy trading, this will probably appeal to the newbie traders. The new feature allows newbies to take advantage of knowledgeable traders and adopt their positions while still learning the complex intricacies of trading, noting that the volatility of the markets means high risk. It will now be easy to use the positions of experts and have renewed vigor for the markets in either a bullish or a bearish run.

What Traders can Access with the Rebranding

Loyal clients have a reason to anticipate the next chapter of Admirals, as with it comes a new coin offering called Microlot Digital Currency trading. This offer makes Admirals make true of its plans to change the entire image of financial brokerage to other diverse areas fit for 2022 and beyond.

Rising margins and trends like trading meme stocks are depressing, but the €1 staking still has support. However, the rebranding ushers an end to the no-offering option on traded funds. Clients have the power to stake long or short depending on their immediate appeals, with the copy trading option also a strong consideration. These changes will affect the CFD offerings notably, but the new offers compensate for the dropped services.

Admirals is setting its eyes on the growing appetite for financial tech instruments, currently on-trend. Future explosions for the assets will mean more listings in the trading terminals for traders to choose from. The trading native app remains the start point for accessing Admirals and the entire set of services in 2022 and beyond. There, the client will find a shift from the traditional offerings to entirely new services. Additionally, new looks and navigation buttons make the entire app easy to manage, making trades much easier.


Trading instruments continue to grow; the Admirals’ ecosystem seems to move in a direction away from pure brokerage services. New clients and loyal ones alike will find something appealing for their trading behaviors in the rebranding, and the financial future seems set with the digital asset front expanding.


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