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“Rebel Residents” finally got a chance to testify to Grenfell’s investigation | Grenfell Tower Inquiries

Glenfell Tower’s “rebel residents” finally testified in a public inquiry into the disaster on Monday, claiming that their lawyers were “indifference and hostility” from the landlords of their council. Provides proof of.

After more than 200 days of evidence from firefighters, builders, coating manufacturers and safety experts, seven survivors from the 2017 flames killed 72 people in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and their weapons. Will be interrogated on how they were treated by. A catastrophic refurbishment length tenant management organization (TMO).

Residents have argued that there was a “culture of laziness” in the autonomous region, and the next few days are likely to be closest to a Conservative-run council investigating political decision-making. disaster. Rydon, a TMO builder, internally described those who expressed concern as “rebel residents.”

The main witness is Edward Duffern, a 16th-floor resident who predicted a disaster on his blog a few months ago and was accused of “threatening” within the TMO.

In a blog published in November 2016, he wrote: Organization. “

Seven months later, Dafarn escaped from the thick smoke with the help of firefighters. He is expected to elaborate on how his relentless complaints against the TMO and the council were handled. His lawyer, Danny Friedmann QC, described TMO last week as “a non-functional, moral organization that was more interested in and interested in its reputation than keeping people safe.” Did.

In a statement to the pre-Easter investigation, TMO said, “I do not admit that I have taken a negative attitude towards the residents and their dissatisfaction and concerns.” It suggested that Dafarn did not represent the wider Glenfell community, claiming that his Glenfell action group blog “sour” the landlord-tenant relationship.

He acknowledged the “extreme tragedy” of the fire and expressed “deep sympathy and condolences for the bereaved families, survivors and residents.”

In a statement before the hearing, family group Glenfell United said, “It’s shameful that those with health and safety complaints were ignored and covered as” rebel dwellers. “

“This is an example of a chronic lack of respect for people living in public housing, many of whom have been vulnerable and have fought for the right to safe housing. To elaborate on this abuse. Confronting this part of the investigation has been postponed for a long time. “

Emma O’Connor, a woman with a disability who relied on crutches but lived on the 20th floor, is one of the witnesses. During the installation of the cladding, her husband, Luke, asked the contractor if the insulation was flame-retardant and was told that he had passed all fire protection tests. Research has already heard that insulation manufacturers have operated their test systems in ways that mislead the market for safety.

Another witness is Youssef Khalloud, who lived on the 11th floor with his wife and three children. They escaped through the dark black smoke at 1:28 am, but lost several family friends, including five members of the Elwahhabism.

Also, Lee Chapman, a landlord who lives on the 22nd floor, complained to TMO when the wind blew through a new window that seemed to be “pushed in quickly”. He was absent from work when the fire broke out, but his surviving wife, Naomi, was at home and talked to her on the phone.

“I had clearly shown in my head that she couldn’t come alive,” he told the question in a previous statement. “Remember I wondered if I told her to jump out of the window so she didn’t have to suffer?”

Another important witness is David Collins, who rented an apartment on the 21st floor and chaired Glenfell Compact, a form of tower neighborhood association. When he questioned the quality of the cladding panel installation, he was considered a “problem” by the TMO.

Michael Mansfield QC, on behalf of other residents, claims that RBKC “created a chronic culture of negligence, indifference and discrimination backed by the theme of dishonesty.”

RBKC’s then leaders will testify next month. The RBKC repeatedly apologized, saying, “I should have done more to quit, and I should have done it.” [the disaster] Happening “.

“Rebel Residents” finally got a chance to testify to Grenfell’s investigation | Grenfell Tower Inquiries

Source “Rebel Residents” finally got a chance to testify to Grenfell’s investigation | Grenfell Tower Inquiries

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