Rebecca Madern blows up Queensland Health, two flights are forced to quarantine and miss Christmas

Christmas Canceled: Rebecca Maderun accused Queensland Health. All passengers from flights exposed to the two Covids were forced to quarantine for 14 days, even if the test was negative.

Rebecca Maderun attacked Queensland Two virgin flight passengers in the state Christmas In self-quarantine after the plane was declared a high-risk Covid-exposed site.

On Wednesday, a TV personality, 44, came out against authorities in a bitter Instagram post-questioning the state’s strict quarantine rules as she anxiously prepares to take off. Did Melbourne To Queensland later this month.

Alongside a quote from a news article that confirmed that passengers need to be quarantined regardless of negative consequences, the 44-year-old wrote:

Not Impressed: TV host Rebecca Maddern shared a bitter post to Queensland Health. Passengers on two virgin flights in the state were reported to spend Christmas on self-quarantine because they were declared high-risk Covid exposure sites.

“Passengers have been flying between Sydney and Melbourne for weeks-has there been a big problem? No. Why is Queensland a 14-day ISO for close contact?

“In Victoria, a Covid positive is a 10-day ISO!”

Rebecca, who lives in Melbourne, continued to share her own fears that she might not be able to visit her father in Queensland. Her flight is scheduled for the next few weeks.

“Is this personal, yes,” she continued. “I haven’t seen my dad for 18 months, to jump out soon.

“Today, so many people are very worried and I feel those plane people.”

Furious: On Wednesday, a TV personality, 44, was shaken by a bitter post on Instagram-their decision to split a loved one as she prepares to fly from Melbourne to Queensland later this month. Blew up

Christmas is over. Just hours after the state’s tough border with New South Wales finally collapsed, Queensland Health declared Monday’s Virgin Flight VA1105 from Newcastle to Brisbane as a close contact exposure site. After that, an infected person boarded the connecting flight VA375 from Brisbane to Townsville (stock image).

On Tuesday evening, Queensland Health ruined Christmas with passengers on Monday, December 13, VA1105 from Newcastle to Brisbane and VA375 from Brisbane to Townsville, a close contact in a positive case. He said it needed to be isolated until 27th of March.

Everyone at Brisbane Airport’s domestic departure terminal from 12:15 pm to 2:05 pm on Monday, December 13th is a casual contact and should be monitored for symptoms.

There are concerns that positive cases on flights from Newcastle may be related to New South Wales nightclub clusters.

Queensland Health said it would provide more information about Wednesday’s positive case.

End: Maddern confirmed that he had left Nine at the end of last month after spending nearly six years on the network.

Meanwhile, Rebecca became a headline last month after deciding to leave Channel Nine five and a half years later.

And she is now likely to return to the old springboard of Channel Seven.

On Saturday, Herald Sun reported that the television host would join Seven’s stubborn Mike Amore as co-sponsor of the weekend breaking news in early 2022.

According to the publication, the studio and news desk in Melbourne have been redesigned and minor changes have been made to accommodate the two news teams.

There is also speculation that they may present a summer version of the weekday breaking news in January.

Jumping Ship: Rebecca left Seven in 2016 and immediately signed Channel Nine


Rebecca Madern blows up Queensland Health, two flights are forced to quarantine and miss Christmas

Source link Rebecca Madern blows up Queensland Health, two flights are forced to quarantine and miss Christmas

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