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Reasons Why You Need to Drive Your Car at Least Once a Week

 Many people moved from the regular office job to a work from home setup during the pandemic. It’s one of the reasons why there were fewer cars on the road, as there was no longer a need for a regular drive to the workplace. However, even now that the situation is getting better, there are still those who choose to stay home since the virus problem is not yet completely gone. Moreover, with the continuously increasing fuel cost, people tend to go for other alternatives like walking or pushbikes and motorbikes. No matter the reason, if you no longer drive your car as often as before or it’s mostly parked in the garage, make it a point to take it out for a drive at least once a week for a minimum of 15 minutes. There are various reasons you should do this, and we listed some of them below.

It’s for your battery’s health

When you drive your vehicle, it charges your battery, keeping it running and in good health. The battery still runs even when you don’t drive the car. It could die if you don’t use the car for a long time since it doesn’t automatically charge. Remove devices connected to your vehicle, such as phone chargers, to lessen the things that consume its power. Moreover, driving it for at least 15 to 30 minutes once a week is good enough to maintain the health of your battery.

Avoid insect or rodent damage

Insects and rodents could make your vehicle their home or playground if you keep it parked for too long and do not use it. They could damage various parts of the car, leading to expensive repairs. Again, running the car at least once a week can prevent this from happening. However, if you see any damage to your vehicle, it’s best to get it serviced by experts from Ignition Auto. Even if it’s a minor issue, it could blow up and cause more significant concern if you leave it unattended. These experts would know the right solution to make your car safe to drive on the road.

Prevent flat tyres

You probably noticed cars that have been on the same spot for too long having flat tyres. That could happen to your vehicle if you do not give it a drive now and then. It would develop flat spots on the tyres, turning into a permanent problem if left for an extended period.

Keep car parts lubricated

When you drive the car, its fluids move to different parts, thus keeping them lubricated and moving correctly. These parts could get stuck and dry if you don’t move your car, leading to malfunction. Driving your car for a few minutes a week ensures lubrication on these parts.

Avoid corrosion

Moisture may build up under the car if it stays in one place for a long time. It could lead to corrosion, which can damage your car parts.

Besides the benefits listed above, it’s also good for your mental health to go out for a drive to refresh your mind and relieve stress.



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