Real Messenger: The birth of an industry-centric social network?

After a meeting with True Messenger execs this week, I decided that the company has found something that has implications far beyond the real estate market it is currently focused on: a social network that is really useful for business. The big problem with social networks right now is that they try to be everything to everyone and instead fail to really focus on anyone for anything. Facebook, for example, has groups. But they are mitigated by users, not focused on by developers to create unique and powerful experiences, and live under the same rules and worries that the rest of the service enforces.

Real Messenger, in contrast, is a social network focused only on the real estate market. It does a much better job of serving that market than Facebook, or any general social network, because it was created by real estate agents for real estate agents and customers. It is generally better to have a tool created by those who will use it than a universal tool that, because of its universality, cannot target a single market or use case.

Let me explain what Real Messenger is, and what it could evolve into.

Real Messenger: The real estate social network

In a general social network, you have many groups that are partly moderated by users and partly moderated by the service provider but there is no real connection between the developers of the tool and those who use it. This creates results, like Facebook, that are very clear if you want to progress.

Real Messenger was developed in partnership with some of the best realtors in the US to better connect real estate agents with people who own properties they may be looking to sell or buy. Although the company is currently self-funded and pre-revenue, its unique focus on bringing buyers and sellers together is almost unique.

The user scrolls through properties and marks the ones they like. Over time, Real Messenger uses artificial intelligence to look at that information and learn what architecture and features the user needs to better serve a uniquely engaging property.

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Real Messenger: The birth of an industry-centric social network?

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