Ravi Shastri will resign after winning the Twenty20 World Cup in India.

Ravi Shastry India Head coach after the Twenty20 World Cup, he rejected the proposal that the release of his book triggered his fifth test. England It will be canceled.

Former all-rounder Shastri, who played 80 tests and 150 One Day International in India between 1981 and 1982, took over Anilkumble in July 2017 and made two breakthroughs in Australia during his tenure. I oversaw the victory of the test series.

India has also been on track to win its first test series in England since 2007, two before the finals were postponed to the morning of the first day of last week due to Covid-19 concerns in the touring camp. I was leading by -1.

Virat Kohli on the left has announced that he will resign as Twenty20 Captain of India at the end of the World Cup campaign (Adam Davy / PA).

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Shastri hopes to celebrate his reign by leading India to victory at the next World Cup, which will begin next month in the United Arab Emirates and Oman and mark the end of Virat Kohli’s T20 side captain. increase.

When he reflected whether the end of the tournament was the right time to leave his role, Shastri said in an interview with the Guardian:

“If you win the World Cup, it’s cake icing. There’s nothing more. I believe in one thing-never go too far with your welcome. And I get out of the side. I would say I overdoed what I wanted to do.

“How to beat Australia and lead the series in the UK in Covid’s year? That’s the most satisfying moment of my 40 years of cricket.”

The results of the Indian test series in the UK are still determined after the 11th hour of unplugging at Emirates Old Trafford, where tourists were concerned about the outbreak of the coronavirus among the staff in the back room. not.

If we win the World Cup, it will be cake icing. There is nothing more.

Ravi Shastry

A positive test by physiotherapist Assistant Yogash Parmar was the last straw for many Indian athletes. Shastri, bowling coach Bharat Arun, and field coach Ramaklishnan Sridhar were also found to be infected with the virus a week later.

By that time, Shastri had been quarantined in London and tested positive on a fourth test. Two days before the Kia Oval match began, Shastri attended the release of his book at a maskless event.

But the unrepentant Shastri said: The book was not available because it was released on the 31st (August) and tested positive on September 3rd.

“It can’t happen in 3 days. I think I got it Leeds (Where the third test was done). I have no regrets because the people I met on the spot were wonderful.

“And it was nice for the boys to go out and meet different people instead of always in the room. At the oval test, they were climbing the stairs used by 5,000 people. So the book was released. How to point your finger at? “

Discussions on the series’ resolutions continue behind the scenes between the England and Wales Cricket Commission and its Indian counterparts, and Shastri is convinced that there is a friendly conclusion.

Shastri added: “The ECB is outstanding and its relationship with Indian cricket is tremendous. Man We’re talking about money, but we can guarantee that the ECB will make all of it with interest.

“I don’t know if it’s a standalone test next year or if two T20 games will be added, but the ECB won’t lose a penny because of the relationship.”

Ravi Shastri will resign after winning the Twenty20 World Cup in India.

Source link Ravi Shastri will resign after winning the Twenty20 World Cup in India.

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