Rapper Rod Wave worries fans with nasty lyrics about the suicide of his song “Nirvana”

Rapper Rod Wave worried fans with nasty lyrics about suicide after releasing a new song, Nirvana-but the star confirms to fans that he’s safe.

Rod frightened his fans after dropping his new nasty song, Nirvana, which hints at suicide, and then deleted his social media account.


Rapper Rod Wave worried fans with the release of a new song with lyrics hinting at suicideCredit: Instagram


The artist removed social media before reactivating to tell fans that it’s okayCredit: Instagram

After Rod released Nirvana, he deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In the song, the lyrics hint at ending his own life and fighting depression.

The nasty lyrics now look like this: Fighting my heart / you must be happy for me Buddy, no more suffering, crying for me, I lived a wonderful life. ”

The most annoying part for the fans was the fact that he called it the “worst day” today on Saturday.

When the song was released, Rod went missing on social media and fans were afraid of the worst.

according to HotNewHipHop, One fan tweeted: “If you’re a real Rod Wave fan, wait a minute and pray for him.”

Another post: “Rod Wave deactivates all his societies, then he drops the song saying he’s about to leave himself.

“I hope he doesn’t do that. It’s mfs like him that kept me, and perhaps others, away.”

The third wrote, “Dawg should say Rod Wave is good after the song,” while the fourth said, “I’m really worried about this guy.”

Still, the fifth post: “Rod Wave’s nirvana is getting deeper … Mental health is not a joke. I hope Rod Wave is good and has the help he needs.”

The rapper then reactivated Instagram and told his fans that it was okay as he wrote: doedat was definitely a preventive song. ”

Rod claimed that he intended to write the song so as to act as a suicide prevention and not worry the fans.

Since then, he has removed Nirvana after getting the opposite reaction to what the artist wanted.

Faithful fan

At the beginning of November, Rod released another song on Instagram titled By Your Side and its music video.

He captioned the release: “… know that my music does certain things to certain people.”

Rod continued: “I’m experiencing my own rilmental, so I sometimes fall back, but even after I leave, I’m always most sure to be with you.”

Using Rod Wave as a stage name, Rodalius Green made a name for himself in 2019 with his single “Heart on Ice” made for his fifth mixtape PTSD.

The rapper has made his music appear on the Billboard 100 list many times.

His SoulFly tour lasted several months, touring 36 cities in the United States to multiple sold-out audiences from late August to mid-October this year.

After thousands of fans saw Rod play live this fall, many rushed to his Instagram to hear about Nirvana.

Rod posted his snap on a tour exploring New York City in October, and fans were rushing to post to pour sympathy.

Some write, “You don’t have to lose another great artist!”

Second encouragement: “Keep pushing. We love you!”

The third post is “We are here for you” and the fourth post is passionately “You are the most talented, most important and strongest person I know. So you need a rod wave here.

“Please do not go.”

If you or anyone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text on the Crisis Text Line at 741741. Please send.


Rod then deliberately deleted the new song “Nirvana” as a “preventive song”.Credit: Instagram


Fans rushed to Twitter and Instagram to pour support for the artistCredit: Instagram


Rod Wave played to multiple sold-out audiences on his tour this past fallCredit: Instagram

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Rapper Rod Wave worries fans with nasty lyrics about the suicide of his song “Nirvana”

Source link Rapper Rod Wave worries fans with nasty lyrics about the suicide of his song “Nirvana”

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